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Windows batch file renaming utilities

jklp 30 August 2008: I removed the link to Flexible Renamer as I couldn't figure out how to rename the files in the order required by the recovery tool, or figure out if it was actually possible with Flexible Renamer, hence why I suggested Better File Rename which easily provided the functionality that was required (though at the cost that it was shareware). If you were to leave the link up for Flexible Renamer, it might be a good idea to specify an example of how to set it up to perform the appropriate rename? --

Gale 30 Aug 08 07:31 UTC: Unfortunately you provided no summary of your edit, so the reason for your removing the Flexible Renamer link was unknown. I found the link that you deleted was dead, so assumed that to be the reason. On trying that app. I could not figure immediately how to achieve what was required either, so the link has been replaced with specific instructions for another free app (which in any case is a superior file manager to Windows Explorer).

Aud_Recover command-line recovery utility

Steve 5 August 09: An error has been reported in the section "Aud_Recover command-line recovery utility":

'In there, it says "aud_recover will generate one or more files (depending on how many channels of audio you recorded, usually one or two for mono and stereo). You need to import these into Audacity using the Import Raw Data option."

This does not work and creates a noise filled mess. But if you use the import audio option, it works.'

The full message is here: