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Timeline: Front Page

From e-mail 11 Dec '09

  • Gale: If for some reason, 2.0 doesn't get out by February (2010), we could let the new front page out anyway, if you wish to.
  • James: Thanks. If we don't get 2.0 out by then I will take you up on that.

Timeline: Bug Tracker

From e-mail 13 Dec '09

  • James: My take is that if we haven't moved to a 'proper' bugtracker by May (2010) then it can only be because everything we have looked at is unacceptable. That's quite possible! If we're in that situation still in May then that makes it urgent to get something better for us to use, even if that is a lot of work to do and a 'distraction' from development work. So at that point the resources needed to do it become less relevant. It just has to be done. Now that we are more serious about bugs the bug tracker is mission critical for us.
  • Gale: I don't think it would be reasonable of me to delay a decision beyond mid to end January. I don't feel strongly either way at the moment, from the limited hands-on I've had with the current Bugzilla. So if I'm still unsure in a month to 6 weeks, I'll likely ask for a vote between Bugzilla on the one hand, and a customised Wiki on the other (remaining with the current Checklist while the extension is developed).
  • James: O.K. 25th Jan (2010) we take a vote on Bugzilla vs Custom on audacity-devel IF you haven't come down one way or the other by then. If the outcome is Bugzilla we aim to move to it completely by 1st Feb. If the outcome is custom I'll move from planning to action on that after the vote. Thanks for the update.

Past Discussions

Gale 05Sep08 00:37 UTC: I think I can give you the user perspective on GSoC (2008) now, as I understand it. GSoC will have held up 1.4.0 (if we're lucky) for 6 - 9 months. Wonderful as it's been, it's effectively prevented any substantial fixing of core things that used to/ought to work. It would be much better for 1.4.0 (after all, most users work with Stable, not Beta) if it could contain one feature from GSoC even if partly disabled. Users want something radical in 1.4.0 as the benefit of the wait. I think FFmpeg (or possibly on-demand) are candidates. My vote is FFmpeg - to me, take out the custom exporter, and it's close to there now. Also one substantially new thing in 1.4.0 spreads the learning curve rather than loading it all into 2.0.0.