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The links in the Questionable Links didn't mention Audacity on the page linked to. Typing Audacity in the search box typically gave absolutely minimal information on Audacity - e.g. a forum post (with one star) that mentioned Audacity.

I've reinstated all these after investigation (but only the link to the "audacity tutorial" you found in the case of Soundboard). If Audacity can be found easily on a "links" or "resources" page that is linked to on their front page, I think that's lets them put their front page up as a link. Thanks for remarking about it though. Did you check all the links that were obviously commercial? Probably they should all be checked sometime. Gale

I don't see anything useful to Audacity users on the declic home page. Surely if we do link we should link to the page that mentions Audacity? I don't have a lot of spare energy to sort this out, and really feel it's up to the person posting the link to link us to the page that is most relevant for our users?

Well, linking directly to the page that mentions Audacity (if it has a page to itself) could be the *least* useful thing for our users (because they know about Audacity already). As for Déclic, it is arguable the link should be to , on the other hand this is then out of context as to what the main purpose of the site is (Pinnacle video editing and related effects). It seems perfectly likely to me that some Audacity users will find this interesting (and I know Audacity users who have Pinnacle software). Also the person placing the link may not be the best judge of a page relevant to Audacity users. At the expense of having two links, the answer may well be to link to both the home page (makes most sense for the poster) and the page that mentions Audacity (as a discipline that we are getting a reciprocal link). If the intro was changed to ask for that there's no guarantee it would happen, so still means we've got to look and add it. But I'm prepared to to change the intro/page layout to require it and check all the links once (as a low priority). Thanks for the input. Gale

Questionable Links - REMOVED 12Jan12 by Gale no longer working and search for "Audacity" produces no result.

Déclic Vidéo FX - REMOVED 12Jan12 by Gale
LINK PAGE: no longer mentions Audacity, and search for "Audacity" produces no result.

SitePal - REMOVED 08Feb11 by James
LINK PAGE: - no obvious links