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The links in the Questionable Links didn't mention Audacity on the page linked to. Typing Audacity in the search box typically gave absolutely minimal information on Audacity - e.g. a forum post (with one star) that mentioned Audacity.

I've reinstated all these after investigation (but only the link to the "audacity tutorial" you found in the case of Soundboard). If Audacity can be found easily on a "links" or "resources" page that is linked to on their front page, I think that's lets them put their front page up as a link. Thanks for remarking about it though. Did you check all the links that were obviously commercial? Probably they should all be checked sometime. Gale

I don't see anything useful to Audacity users on the declic home page. Surely if we do link we should link to the page that mentions Audacity? I don't have a lot of spare energy to sort this out, and really feel it's up to the person posting the link to link us to the page that is most relevant for our users?

Questionable Links - reinstated

Déclic Vidéo FX - reinstated their home page

SitePal - reinstated their home page