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Revision as of 02:02, 20 April 2011 by Galeandrews (talk | contribs) (I'm unclear how this relates to Bug Lists)
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Peter 19Apr: ROFLMAO James you have brightened my morning up. But a lot of serious points in there.

We should also have "Schroedinger's cat" bugs where you are not sure what the outcome will be - and observing the outcome changes it anyway ...

Vaughan 19Apr

Excellent, James. Except I'm non-union so don't get a hazmat suit.

Actually, my only comment is that yes, it doesn't need to define the Pn ratings but would be good to link to the definitions; and maybe from there to the definitions of Moonphase, Heisenbug and Comet Returns.

Gale 20Apr11:

James, I'm unsure if this page is meant to be linked to Bug Lists (which "Using Audacity Bugzilla" on bugzilla links to), or to replace Bug Lists? I assume it's extra documentation for Bug Lists, including a warning about bug tracker "toxicity".

If it's additional to bug lists, maybe its headlines as follows would bear repetition on Bug Lists?

  • including the symptoms in the bug title (and keeping that title updated)
  • move discussions about solutions to Wiki, move anyway if 30 + (?) posts (or my suggestion, use the top of "Steps to repro" if a few lines will suffice)
  • (from -quality) post about code errors and warnings to -devel in the first instance (but disregard lib-src warnings)

If you keep the headlines here, I suggest they should be in a div at the top so they don't get lost.