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**<font color="green"> Does it depend on the dialog in question to some extent? [GA]  </font>
**<font color="green"> Does it depend on the dialog in question to some extent? [GA]  </font>
==TCP buttons & sliders==
'''Peter 14Jul17:'''
*'''Track name''': 
*'''Gain slider''': 
*'''Pan slider''': 
== Preferences ==
== Preferences ==

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If it proves difficult to decide between different alternatives to wording, then we may need to have some kind of voting. I'm not keen on that as it adds overhead and takes longer to sort out. Probably a better scheme is to assume that we will easily reach consensus in most cases, and just flag the difficult cases if they arise. James 13:59, 7 October 2007 (PDT)
Old discussions should probably be removed from the main page in time, and archived here, and later removed altogether. That's not the 'done' items, rather it's the items for which we decide wording after some discussion.
Rules for our Text

See the Consistency page in the Manual and Guidelines on capitalization in Audacity dialogs and messages.

  • US spelling is to be used throughout.
  • Do we have any consistent rules about text? For example, we always capitalize 'Audacity'.
  • Do we capitalize, single quote or double quote menu item names when used in text?
    • Capitalize and double quote e.g. "Effect" Menu? [GA]
  • We use '>' when describing menu/submenu sequences?.
  • Do we have an upper limit on how much text we will put on a button or on a radio button?
    • Does it depend on the dialog in question to some extent? [GA]

TCP buttons & sliders

Peter 14Jul17:

  • Close:
  • Track name:
  • Mute:
  • Solo:
  • Shrink:
  • Expand:
  • Gain slider:
  • Pan slider:



Added 2July17

Gale has proposed:

  • "A&uto-select entire track(s) instead of prompting for selection"

in place of:

  • "A&uto-select audio for editing"
Gale +1
Peter -1
James -1

Gale 02Jul17: If you read the thread, Cliff was adamant that "auto-select" was not enough.

We've all agreed "for editing" is misleading and needs to change.

I could happily live with Cliff's watered down "Auto-select if selection required" even though that does not meet his objective entirely. Does that suit?

Yes I am biassed. The prompt is a severe nuisance to me, worse than I thought. I don't want to have to keep remembering to select all now, having not done so for years. I won't be the only one. I thought to myself - press Help in the prompt and read - OK, but why doesn't the preference say that it gets rid of the prompt. *Much* more direct and helpful.

Gale (later): Another embryonic idea. Not extensible if the feature extends.

  • If no selection made, auto-select entire tracks or the time range in all tracks".

Audacity Built-in effects, generators and analyzers

Change: Effect > Audacity to Effect > Built-in Analyze > Audacity to Analyze > Built-in Generate > Audacity to Generate > Built-in

Built-in is what we normally refer to them as in documentation e.g. this page in the Manual

Consider too, the Nyquist effects are also part of Audacity - part of the Audacity bundle that you get when you download and install Audacity.

  • Peter 25Mar17: I support this. Steve added his support by email

Old Discussions


Peter 05Mar17: This may have been the case 5 years ago, but googling now will give you many occurences - mostly in gamer-speak but also in regard to audio, I see no reason to change this in Audacity. I moved this to the the Old Discussions section of this page.

"playthrough" is not listed in any online dictionary as a single word. I found:

 src\Menus.cpp(637):   c->AddCheck(wxT("SWPlaythrough"), _("Software Playthrough (on/off)"), FN(OnToggleSWPlaythrough), 0);
 src\prefs\RecordingPrefs.cpp(17):  like playthrough, latency correction, and others.
 src\prefs\RecordingPrefs.cpp(63):   S.StartStatic(_("Playthrough"));
 src\prefs\RecordingPrefs.cpp(69):      S.TieCheckBox(_("&Hardware Playthrough: Listen while recording or monitoring new track"),
 src\prefs\RecordingPrefs.cpp(73):      S.TieCheckBox(_("&Software Playthrough: Listen while recording or monitoring new track"),

in SVN HEAD 1Feb12.