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If it proves difficult to decide between different alternatives to wording, then we may need to have some kind of voting. I'm not keen on that as it adds overhead and takes longer to sort out. Probably a better scheme is to assume that we will easily reach consensus in most cases, and just flag the difficult cases if they arise. James 13:59, 7 October 2007 (PDT)

Old discussions should probably be removed from the main page in time, and archived here, and later removed altogether. That's not the 'done' items, rather it's the items for which we decide wording after some discussion.

Rules for our Text

Do we have any consistent rules about text? For example, we always capitalise 'Audacity'. Do we capitalise, single quote or double quote menu item names when used in text? Do we use '->' or '>' when describing menu/submenu sequences? Do we have an upper limit on how much text we will put on a button or on a radio button?

Old Discussions