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This template has all menu images and their imagemaps in one place. It uses the parser function #switch to choose one of them to show on a page. The text of the big switch is auto generated. The net result of this is that we can change the image maps for all 56 menus by changing just this one page.


Zoom in/out on the horizontal axisControls the sizes of tracksMove forward/backwards through the audioBrings up the History window which can then be left open while using Audacity normallyBrings up the Karaoke window, which displays the labels in a "bouncing ball" scrolling displayMixer Board is an alternative view to the audio tracks in the main tracks windowToolbars can be used to determine which of the Audacity toolbars are displayedShows extra menus with many extra less-used commandsOption to show or not show audio that is too loud (in red) on the wave formViewMenu.png
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Undoes the most recent editing actionRedoes the most recently undone editing actionRemoves the selected audio data and/or labels and places these on the Audacity clipboardRemoves the selected audio data and/or labels without copying these to the Audacity clipboardCopies the selected audio data to the Audacity clipboard without removing it from the projectInserts whatever is on the Audacity clipboard at the position of the selection cursor in the project, replacing whatever audio data is currently selected, if anyCreates a new track containing only the current selection as a new clipFor more "advanced" removal of audioCreate or remove separate clips in the audio trackThese commands are to add and edit labelsLabeled Audio commands apply standard Edit Menu commands to the audio of one or more regions that are labeledThe Metadata Editor modifies information about a track, such as the artist and genrePreferences let you change most of the default behaviors and settings of AudacityEditMenu.png
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