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The External template is intended for links to external web sites (i.e. sites not residing on this Wiki). Links using this template will be italicised so as to distinguish them from internal Wiki links, and will not have the "pointing arrow" appended to the link that is default Wiki practice for external links, but which many people find annoying. Additionally, with the later MediaWiki software we now have, Internet Explorer will no longer leave a gap in the text where the pointing arrow would otherwise have been.

NOTE: This template should be used for external links only and according to the examples below. (Other templates are available for other uses, see Templates.)



Alternative 1: {{external|URL_to_external_site}}
Alternative 2: {{external|[URL_to_external_site Name Of Site]}}

For example, typing this:

1: {{external|http://link.to.site}}
2: {{external|[http://link.to.site Dummy Site]}}

will cause the following to be displayed:

1: http://link.to.site
2: Dummy Site

Ignore the following, it's only a representation of formatting and a parameter dummy.