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|valign=top width=150px|[[Possible GSoC Mentors|Possible Mentors]]
|valign=top width=150px|[[Possible GSoC Mentors|Possible Mentors]]

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There are literally hundreds of user-contributed feature suggestions on the Feature Requests page, which are partially organised into related groups. A good project proposal could combine a number of these suggestions into one coherent proposal.

Possible Mentors These are, in order, the most likely or best mentors for this project idea.
Skills For nearly all project ideas, wxWidgets and C++ programming are essential. Some projects need additional skills too.
Difficulty 'Easy', 'Moderate' or 'Hard'.

Hard tasks can be made easier by solving a simpler problem. That's a decision that needs to be made early on. 'Easy' problems are lower risk. They are better suited to being done in separate smaller pieces if the going gets tough. So take the 'difficulty' grading with a grain of salt. It's only a guideline of how hard we think the problem is.

Early Spinoffs We regard it as vital that projects have early spin-offs that can be completed well within the time. These early spin offs help to ensure that the code is useful to us. We don't want to end up with 'almost complete' code that we cannot use!