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The introNoItal Template formats text inside a standard introductory blue header just like this one, but unlike Template:Intro or Template:Introrel it does not support a concluding italicised paragraph.

This template will be preferred if no italicised paragraph is required because it will not add unwanted padding at the bottom of the div.

Usage of introNoItal Template

General usage:

{{introNoItal|Text to be displayed without italics.}}
An unitalicized paragraph may still be included within the div by wrapping it inside <p></p>.

Parsing of symbols and nested templates

As with all Templates, if text or links contain the equals sign "=" or other templates are used inside the template, add 1= after the pipe thus

{{introNoItal|1= It has been found that 2 + 2 = 4.

If other essential symbols in the text cause the text to display incorrectly, try enclosing the text inside </nowiki> tags.

Ignore the following, it's only a representation of formatting and a parameter dummy.