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The Menu Template can be used to format a string of text in a consistent way across the Wiki, with a background and foreground colour which will make it stand out amongst surrounding text. This template is intended for menu paths (either in programs or in operating system dialogues), for emphasising the route to the menu item the user needs to reach. Menu Template can be used for any program or part of an operating system such as a control panel. It can be used for menu selections (i.e. "clicking" on drop down items or tab selectors) as well as for keyboard short cuts.

NOTE: This template should be used only for menu paths (either in programs or in operating system dialogues). (Other templates are available for other uses, see Templates.)

Usage of Menu Template:

{{menu|text to be formatted}}

For example, typing this:

Click {{menu|View > Toolbars > Show "Meter Toolbar"}}.

will cause the following to be displayed:

Click View > Toolbars > Show "Meter Toolbar".

Ignore the following, it's only a representation of formatting and a parameter dummy.