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The Nyquist Basics Template is used to head pages in (and add them to) the Nyquist Basics category.

Ignore the following, it's only a representation of formatting and a parameter dummy.

The "Nyquist Basics" tutorials start with very simple examples at the top of each page with increasing complexity towards the end. You do not necessarily need to work through to the end of each page to be able to understand the other tutorials. If you feel confused, try any of the other Nyquist Basics tutorials, in any order. Every "Basics" page contains lots of notes and hints where you can find extra information.
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Please note: The notation in the current Nyquist Reference Manual from the Nyquist homepage at the Carnegie Mellon Universtiy is incompatible to Nyquist in Audacity. Please use the Nyquist 2.37 Manual from the link above if you're working with Nyquist in Audacity.