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The Shortcut Template formats a string of text defining a Keyboard Shortcut with a standard background colour to make it stand out amongst the surrounding text. Keyboard shortcuts are key presses which access menu items and/or perform actions in programs.


This formatting can be used for shortcuts in any program (not just Audacity) or for those in operating systems. Examples of such shortcuts are:

  • CTRL + A
  • ALT + Z
  • CTRL + SHIFT + X
  • CMD + F (Mac computers)

For more details of Audacity keyboard shortcuts, please see Keyboard Layouts.

NOTE: This template should be used only for keyboard shortcuts. Other templates are available for other uses, see Templates.

Usage of Shortcut Template:

{{shortcut|text to be formatted}}

For example, typing this:

{{shortcut|CTRL + V}}

will cause the following to be displayed:


Ignore the following, it's only a representation of formatting and a parameter dummy.