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James: I would have "preferred" the Hint template had smaller font size, as I think this works quite well where the hint is a secondary statement/does not affect everybody, which is the main purpose of this template. The green div in the GSoC page is more of an instruction than a hint, and probably I should not have used it, my only idea was to break up the yellow. That brings me to my other point that I think the yellow is slightly too strong if there are more than about 8 lines or so - therefore I think I'll make a slightly paler shade. Gale

Older text:

You asked in an edit summary if I wanted the text black.Yes I would like that!

I think when we're using light non-white backgrounds black text is generally the right thing, and when using dark coloured backgrounds white text is generally the right thing - though we've still a bit of a problem with dark link colours on dark backgrounds.

I would guess this will work well if done across all templates. Different people have different colour perception. Years ago I wrote a high-definition imaging application where I set the colours as yellow on red, as that for me (at that time) gave the strongest and best contrast. Other people couldn't look at it! I eventually ended up with light green on grey or white on grey as the combination that gave good contrast and was restful on the eye, not just for me but for other people too. Most wikis use colour in a more restrained way than we do. Wikipedia is a good model to follow when looking for choices of colours....

Suf was strongly in favour of green text in the Hint Template, but my eyes hurt with the green we had, and it took a long time to find a green that was acceptable (to me) both as standard weight and bold. I think like most things it's a bit of a balancing act - it's good to remember that not everyone can see colours the same way, on the other hand colours *can* be very useful in web design and I don't think we necessarily have to slavishly follow what some people would see as the drab Wikipedia colour model. I have actually seen some quite colourful pages using other Wiki software.

Anyway, though I like the current green text in Hint, I'll make it black as I think it's safer, and the pink on grey Code template colours are not really satisfactory either, as Edgar pointed out. I would suggest for this, black text on a light pink background - such a background was what the old software used - though I am open to argument.