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Testing Template:Hint

Simple editing:

HINT: Simple editing, like bold and italics works fine. Same with internal links: Audacity Wiki Home Page.

Several lines; list etc:

HINT: You may:

Enter a new paragraph, and:

  • List items
  • as usual
Although this is discouraged (rather make a new main section, or even a new page).

External link using nothing (doesn't work, second "}}" botches interpretation!):

External link using "1=":

External link, complete, using "1=":

External link with "=", without nested "1=":

HINT: {{{1}}} .

External link with "=", using nested "1=":

External link using "nowiki" (doesn't work, "nowiki" prevents interpretation!):

'''HINT:''' {{external|http://diver.kanakoto.net}}.

Other templates using "1=":

HINT: Instead of clicking Edit > Cut you can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + X.