The Audacity Pumpkin

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Everyone wants to redesign the Audacity Logo. Doing so is the cherry on the cake. What we actually need is someone who will systematically help us to improve our graphic design across all our web properties, and help us get guidelines/principles in place that help us to be consistent across our graphics.

Nevertheless, there is a problem with the Audacity logo.

AudacityLogoTransparent.png Pumpkin.png

To some people the waveform looks rather like teeth. A first step in improving the logo might be to make a more sound-wave like waveform.

The Lettering

Like the ancient Tome that is used on the wiki we use for the manual, the serif fonted text for 'Audacity' gives a venerable look. We would like to evolve to a modern sans serif look.

MainSite.png Logo-text changes Martyn 20Aug14.png