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This is the page to link to for ToDo's. associated with a page that is a candidate for deletion from the Wiki.

To link to this page, put

{{ednote| [[ToDo-D]] explanation of what needs to be done }}

on the page that needs work done.

Queries on pages already deleted

  • Gale 10May14: I moved a little content from the already deleted Exporting_your_Audacity_Project_into_iTunes_and_iPod into the corresponding Manual page. I feel there is a moderate case for the content about syncing etc. being retained as a new "iTunes Tips" page, at least giving users links to Apple help pages. The reason I think this is because it may avoid having to answer the same questions on the Forum. I don't want to restore the deleted page yet but I wanted to flag this up as something that could be researched on the Forum.

List of PD's

Plan for potential migration of material from the Wiki to the Manual