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This is a compilation of all todo lists on this wiki.
Automation Progress: Pdf of Manual


  • Done.png Preliminary exploration of what tools are needed/available
    • Done.png Reportlab (open source version) proved to be too limited. Rejected.
      • In particular it will not do the page breaking for you. Instead you create canvases and draw to them, so you have to work out in your own code the size of everything.
      • wxPdfDoc has similar limitations. It is a port of the PHP FPDF library, and low level. You are responsible for item positioning.
    • Done.png QPDF explored. Rejected.
      • QPDF is for low level PDF manipulation.
      • QPDF is good for splitting/joining pdf documents.
      • Because pdf is already a low level format QPDF is not suitable on its own. It would need to be used with something like Reportlab and reportlab won't do the sizing calculations.
    • Done.png LaTeX path explored and settled on.
      • LaTeX gives us a 100% text based file format.
      • LaTeX is a fully professional document typesetting solution.
      • LaTeX has an excellent stack-overflow like Q&A site.
      • LaTeX is also the intermediate file format used by doxygen in going to pdf. This may help if we write a manual for developers at some future date, as class and in-code explanations are already extracted.
      • I'm currently using MiTeX 2.9 for Windows (which includes pdflatex) as the LaTeX implementation package.
      • pdflatex is well maintained and has sufficient coverage of the pdf features we need
      • I'm using TeXMaker 5.0.2 for Windows (it's a LaTeX IDE).
      • TexMaker can easily/quickly preview results which makes this LaTeX set up a good typesetting development environment.
  • Done.png Extraction of raw-but-template-expanded text from our wiki via API.
    • The key step was determination of our endpoint.
  • Done.png Preliminary ordered listing of pages to extract
  • Done.png Preliminary adjustments to alphamanual content to make it suitable for a book. For example:
    • New page for Karaoke rather than buried in a menu page.
    • Adjustment of Your-First-Recording to make it more suitable for an introductory piece of text.
  • Done.png Work getting the manual into a good shape
    • Done.png Upload raw Light theme button images (without the buttons) and make sure manual is using them.
    • Done.png Create a template for toolbars that in particular adds the required grey border so that toolbar boundary does not disappear into the page.
    • Done.png Recreate full and standard shortcut listing pages. Add fullshortcut template to allow one page to fulfill both roles.
    • Done.png 2.2.0 Preferences/Menus images and image-maps and effect dialog images regenerated. Over 480 revised images uploaded.
  • Done.png Scripted production of manual pdf
    • Done.png Got feet wet with pdflatex using Mitex for Windows and TeXMaker
      • Bug: sync files can stay open and may need deleting.
      • Bug: TeXMaker may hang. When it does, it and pdflatex need to be killed by task manager, even though its window is closed. Otherwise TeXMaker won't launch.
    • Done.png Basic experiments with page layout and page breaks. We can set margins, columns, and inter-column spacing.
    • Done.png Writer2Latex plug-in for LibreOffice found and explored.
      • Importing html and exporting LaTeX gives a LaTex intermediate format that is editable and experimentable with to get best results.
      • A number of bugs with the writer investigated and worked around:
        • Bug with parameter count in macro @Hy is caused by URLs with anchors in them. The # in the anchor must be escaped with a \. Writer does not do this.
        • Bug with \newline when line not started can be worked around by putting ~\\ on the line before the \newline.
        • Writer2Latex shows us some of the formatting tricks (LaTeX equivalents) needed to get html into pdf format. However it works from odt, not direct from html, and is not suitable for our eventual automation plan.
    • Done.png Basic experiments with html2tex by Frans Faase.
      • Done.png Have it compiling/running under MSVC.
        • Fixed deprecated warnings and wchar_t issues.
        • Fixed stack overflow bug (STACK_SIZE was not checked)
      • Done.png First runs to create a usable pdf doc from NewFeatures.html.
        • Images and tables were not available
        • Hyperlinks come out as footnotes.
      • Done.png Add in other pages, to show how chapters can be combined.
      • Done.png Second stage to creating a usable pdf doc from NewFeatures.html using further modified html2tex.
        • Images included, and sized correctly.
        • Link information available.
    • Done.png Mangling of html, removal of sidebar and contents div (beautifulsoup).
      • My attempt to do this using html2tex showed up limitations in its design. It's a two-pass 'as you go' converter, with very limited ability to do structural edits.
      • Investigated and created mangling code, in python, using beautifulsoup.
      • Done.png Automatically remove all content we don't want from all files.
      • Done.png Automatically fix up the bad-bracketting (may not be needed).
        • Turns out it was needed, but not the full Rolls Royce solution, just specific work arounds.
      • Done.png Remove need for html2tex, by doing its mangling in Python/beautifulsoup instead.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 1 - No Images. No Links

Stage 2 - With Images.

Stage 3 - With Images and Links.

Stage 4 - With ImageMaps too.

Ragged ends

Even ends

Before - Ragged ends to chapters.

After - Fixed.

  • Done.png Fix up import issues
    • Done.png Work around MediaWiki tag order being broken, so removed ednotes break unordered lists.
    • Done.png Fix warning symbols being treated as inline (character) elements, which look ssilly
    • Done.png Collect several chapters into one - move all chapters down one level.
    • Done.png Fix toolbar images coming out too far across page.
  • ToDo.png Lots of fine-tuning
    • ToDo.png Remove forward and back links e.g. in FAQ, which look silly
    • ToDo.png Generate document references index using latex indexing.
    • Done.png Abolish the 'alpahabetic' chapters by moving their topics into better places.
    • Done.png Fix titles with images in them look fine in the document but funny in the toc.
    • ToDo.png Fix Glossary entries don't link to wikipedia and icon too close to the text.
    • ToDo.png Nice boxes for intros and warning.
    • Done.png Special casing for a very few larger images (e.g. Toolbars overview).
    • Done.png Special custom front page, based on current image.
    • ToDo.png Wiki-Template to exclude certain content from the pdf.
  • ToDo.pngIndexing and Toc
    • Index for all menu items
    • Index for all glossary terms
    • Table of contents we get 'for free', because we are using LaTeX.
    • Ctrl+F Searching we get 'for free', because we are using text rather than images.

Automatic Table of Contents

Table of Contents as seen in pdf reader


Searching for 'Selection' in the pdf manual

  • Done.png Complete LaTeX error-free import of all pages, bar anomalies
    • Done.png Tour Guide
    • Done.png New Features and FAQ (top level)
    • Done.png Entire FAQ
    • Done.png All E's (Effects, Edit and Ext*) excluding two anomalies:
    • Done.png anomalies Edit_Toolbar and Ext_Bar_Menu_Tools
    • Done.png All F's
    • Done.png All Tutorials
    • Done.png All T's
    • Done.png Glossary
    • Done.png anomalies recording_length and track_control_panel_and_vertical_scale
    • Done.png index.html page. This needs special customised version.
    • ToDo.png quickstart page. This needs special customised version.
    • Done.png Z, O and G
    • Done.png All remaining letters.
  • Done.png Image conversion
    • Done.png Automatically include images (more tag handlers needed).
      • Done.png Layout tweaks for images.
    • Done.png Got feet wet with 'PIL' the python image manipulation package. (Pillow distribution).
      • Done.png Size tweaks for images.

Example: Bad tooltips

Tooltips aalways open

Bad Tooltips - All tooltips open

  • Done.png ImageMap conversion
    • Done.png Proof of concept using {stackengine} and {hyperref}. We can now hyper-link from rectangular areas in an image using a script to specify the regions.
    • Done.png Convert image-map links from proof-of-concept to actual doc.
      • Done.png href for single area.
      • Done.png multiple hrefs.
      • Done.png hrefs actually linking.
  • Note that tooltips are a separate feature
  • PDF readers do not consistently support tooltips.
  • I can make tooltips that work in Adobe Reader, but in Chrome they always appear (and look terrible) and in FoxIt they only appear when you click.
  • Conclusion: It is better not to do them. If there was a lot of demand we could do a with-and-without version.

Bad image sizing


Before - Image size and position wrong

After - Fixed


  • Nov 16 2017 - DraftManual2.2.0_v02.pdf available. This is the whole manual, except 4 pages. It looks basically good, though there are minor formatting issues. The live table of contents is a win.
  • Nov 17 2017 - DraftManual2.2.0_v03.pdf available. Now formatted using Helvitica (sans) font rather than Times New Roman. Some unicode issues addressed.
  • Nov 19 2017 - DraftManual2.2.0_v04.pdf available. Custom front page. Imagemaps working.
This page is for keeping track of bugs in Dark Audacity integration into 2.2.0 development build.
  • I'm hoping it will reduce the overhead in tracking bugs and requests for improvements
James: Thanks Gale and Peter for your feedback on these!
James 30Apr17: I think this experiment in an off-list buglist has been helpful so far for this feature. It's kept 45 bugs out of the tracker and allowed them to be tackled as a group. I think this only works because there is a developer 'on the case' for this set of bugs/issues.
  • Gale 30Apr17: Very true about "only works if a developer is on the case". Thanks for being so.

  • Done.png Customisable themes for download at Theming HowTo need updating.

Theme Tweaks Requested by Team

  • ToDo.png Track border (1px above and left, 2px right and below) is always black, so invisible on High Contrast Theme.
  • Done.png Banish the gray goo from the TCP, and use a stopwatch icon like or identical to the one in Classic theme.
  • Done.png In Hi-Contrast make bigger + and - in the magnifying glasses, even if it encroaches on the magnifying glass frame.
  • Done.png In Light Theme make + and - in magnifying glasses more prominent.

Visit the wiki page for more Theme Tweaks ToDo.


  • Done.png Changing theme with multiproject, only top/active window changes correctly. Needs restart to fix. bug 1715
  • ToDo.png Small rectangular areas either side of the horizontal scroll-bar do not retheme correctly. Needs restart to fix.
  • Done.png Old icon for record-append missing
Will re-instate as an option.
  • Done.png Tooltips for record-same-track and record-new-track don't update when user binds record-new-track to R and record-same-track to Shift + R
Not a DA bug, but made more obvious by DA. Fix to be done for both record and play.
  • Done.png Selection toolbar is inaccessible (does not respond to tabs normally and not read by Screen Readers)
This is caused by theming the text. The fix is to support color warping (on/off) as an option, on by default. With color warping active, which will happen if the system theme is similar enough, Audacity will use the system settings for this control rather than faking it by new (colored) text items. That will be OK for VI and HI-Contrast users.
  • Done.png On Linux there is no built in theme close enough to the default to allow color blending to work.
This is what is still to do on Bug 1630. Will fix by reducing sensitivity.
  • Done.png On Linux Classic theme, the buttons are posterized
This is caused by color warping from Windows default (bright) rather than from old default (darker). It will be fixed by using a darker default in the theme and color warping that to light on Windows.
  • Done.png In Hi-Contrast theme the meter numbers are the same color as the meter
The fix is (a) to detect this special case and (b) draw a contrasting background behind the numbers in that case.
Peter 30Apr17: Works for me, W10 and Mac.
  • Done.png The pip on Mixer board is not rotated
Will fix. Wasn't a problem in DA which had a round pip.
Peter 30Apr17: Works for me, W10 and MAc.
  • Done.png Mac buttons in dark theme don't look good.
Will fix.
  • Done.png Mac buttons in high contrast theme aren't high contrast buttons.
Will fix.
  • Done.png Midi select color does not match wave select color.
Will fix.
  • Done.png TimeTrack background color does not match wave track background color.
Will fix.
  • Done.png Color at right end of floating toolbars is always dark.
Will fix.
  • Done.png Right end of floating toolbars not redrawn immediately after a theme change.
Also some other parts of the frame were not always repainting.
  • Done.png Resizable floating toolbars shrink down to minimum size inside their frame, which stays the right size, on a theme change.
Was not originally clear why.
  • Done.png Toolbars lose their previous sizing, after visiting preferences and OKing.
Aim to fix this.
Peter 02May17: this appears to be fixed now on W10 audacity-win-rd4726c2-2.2.0-alpha-02-may-17 - with commit 43ff84b. You see them being redrawn but they get redrawn at the correct resized/undocked size.
  • Done.png Note-tracks are not themed
Will add an extra color for the zebra coloring.
  • Done.png Spectrogram is not themed
Will at least use the background colors in future.
  • Done.png Graph labels in 'Plot Spectrum' are too light (in dark theme)
Will fix.
  • Done.png The Light theme uses the 'cotton reel' images for pinned/unpinned.
Will be fixed as part of other work.
  • Done.png The Dark theme uses the 'cotton reel' images for pinned/unpinned.
Will be fixed as part of other work. Possible the pin and bobbin should have white surrounds rather than black, but black seems to work OK, so not an essential.
Peter 18Apr17: I think these cotton reel icons are more serious than a mere "niggle".
  • Peter 19Apr17: Thanks for promoting this James.
    • Peter 05May17: Looking good on Dark and Hi-Contrast where we now have the green and red triangles and the green and red drawing-pins/thum-tacks. Now consistent across all four current themes.

Lower Priority Bugs

  • Done.png Negative numbers same color as normal, when scroll before zero is enabled.
Gale 04May17: Should the blue color be adjusted for Dark and Hi Contrast? I can just about read the numbers in High Contrast but not in Dark.
  • Peter 04May17: On my laptop screen I'm finding the blue numbers quite clear to see in both Dark and Hi Contrast themes - and of course in Classic and Light.
  • James 04May17: Independently I had already decided on a lighter blue for Dark Theme. Probably it will be better for HiContrast too - but at this stage I'd rather someone who needs HiContrast works on improving that theme as I can't tell what is actually needed in it and what isn't.
  • Gale 05May17: Even on my laptop built-in monitor where I have not changed the calibration, I could not read the dark blue. I can read the new light blue in Dark theme fine.

    See the black circular bullet below for the next item? That's a good example why Wiki formatting is inadequate.

    • Peter 05May17: The light blue for the negative numbers in Dark theme is a big improvement in readability. I can't really comment on Hi-Contrast.
  • Done.png (reported) Sickly green color for unused-track backgrounds in Classic theme on Mac.
  • Might have been a bug switching themes from hi-contrast which presumably has been squashed.
    Peter 30Apr17: On my Macbook Pro Sierra 10.12.4 - I do not see a "sickly green color" for the unused track backgrounf. It is not quite the same gray as it is in 2.1.3 being slightly lighter - but it definitely looks gray and not "sickly green".

    On W10 these two backgrounds look to be exactly the same - compared side-by-side in MS Paint.

    @JamesWith a bit of effort I can probably create a similar comparison for the Mac coloring if you require.

    • Done.png (reported) Play cursor vanishes (except against waveform) in hi-contrast theme on Mac.
    Could not reproduce this issue.
    Peter 30Jun17: I do not see this on my Macbook Pro Sierra 10.12.4 testing on 30Apr17 2.2.0 alpha build for Mac. The Play cursor is perfectly visible in Hi-Contrast theme, both for normal Play, Timeline Quickplay and Scrub/Seek play - and the Scrub cursor in the Scrub Ruler displays fine. All ok in all the other three themes too.
    • Done.png (reported by Gale) Scrub ruler ends up the same colour as Timeline, in Light and Classic, after colour blending on Mac.
    Fix by adding a contrasting line. They will still be similar colours, but the zones will be clearly differentiated.
    • ToDo.png With big fonts (e.g. in Linux) the sizing looks messy.
    Not a DA bug, but would be nice to fix it.

    Improvement Requests

    • Done.png The ruler bar color can not be controlled independently of one of the selection colors
    These colors need to be split.
    • Done.png The time-text-control has lost the color distinction between numbers and units.
    These colors need to be split.
    • Done.png Naming of some items in rearranged menus 'not as previously agreed'.
    There may be mistakes in that, and even possibly something that was there is now missing. A list here of the problem changes would help. Some changes were made for consistency and have sound reasons/arguments for them.
    Gale 24Apr17: It was the change from Store/Retrieve cursor or selection to Save/Restore. I changed it back.

    Lower Priority Improvement Requests

    • Done.png Focus box invisible on buttons in Dark theme.
    • Done.png Focus box invisible on buttons in Hi-Contrast theme on PC.
    • Done.png Focus box invisible on buttons in Hi-Contrast theme on Mac.
    • Done.png Themes do not adapt (much) to system theme
    This is quite hard to do well, as mixing themes can lead to poor results, and it is hard for an algortihm to determine when to belnd and when not.
    • ToDo.png Themes do not adapt (fully) to system theme
    This is a big chunk of work, and won't be in 2.2.0. It is most relevant to the Hi-Contrast theme where users may set individual colors for many aspects. Doing this well entails extending the color warping.
    • ToDo.png Old themes not usable with new ImageCache layout.
    It's possible using an old debug build with EXPERIMENTAL_THEMING_PREFS to export as separate images, and then re-import with the new code, saving some work.
    • ToDo.png Meter numbers can't be switched on/off
    Would be nice to have.
    Peter 30Apr17: Says you, James  ;-)))
    • Done.png The sync-lock icon has gone from the track display.
    Only gone in DA. It's till there in Audacity. It does not need to be brought back in DA, as the background change when there is a selection is enough, but if it is brought back it should do more than it did before - e.g. it should be a button to add/remove from sync-lock.
    Peter 30Apr17: You also have the visual cues of the small clock icons in the bottom right corner of the tracks' Track Control Panel.
    • ToDo.png Many corners of the interface are not themed.
    That is typically because they are controlled by the system theme. This has already been much improved by the blend-themes option, so that using Audacity with a system theme and related dark/light theme is better than it was.
    • Done.png Mute/Solo buttons do not have a hover effect.
    Fixed by Paul with images by James.
    • Done.png ImageCache.png is confusing. Part I reorganisation done.
    • Done.png Unused dragger and other icons in ImageCache.png.
    • ToDo.png Draggers and resizers still drawn 'by hand'.


    • Done.png Meter icons aren't actually buttons and highlight differently
    Might fix some time.
    • Done.png Blue background on Hi-Contrast theme selected track-panel-info reduces contrast.
    Instead the surrounds for buttons should be differentiated, and that will give greater clarity that the track is selected. And a different selection color used.
    • Done.png Cyan selection in Hi-Contrast theme reduces contrast.
    This is tough. Maybe a blue and not as saturated would work.
    • Done.png RMS vs normal colors in Hi-Contrast theme reduces contrast.
    Also tough, though a much bigger color and brightness difference could be used.
    • Done.png Circles are not centred in Hi-Contrast view
    Hi-Contrast was originally done as a proof of concept. Can be fixed later.
    • Done.png Separate image for rotated pip for slider on Mixer board.
    The shadow should be below, not above, so can't just rotate the normal pip.

    Other ToDos

    • Done.png Themes (icons and colors), Menus, Sync-Lock, Stuck-in-Pause, Record-Beside, Pinned Icon.
    • Done.png (adapted) TCP declutter.


    • ToDo.png Mute/solo are stacked in wave-tracks but not note-tracks
    Yep, ought to be made consistent. One thought is to use icons.
    • ToDo.png Dark logo 'vanishes' into background on a dark toolbar.
    Needs e.g. a ring around it.


    • ToDo.png In Light and Classic themes the yellow color of the displayed superimposed trackname on audio tracks is found by meny people to be too hard to read. The same color used on both Dark and High Contrast thems is easily readable. We should be considering assigning the superimposed trackname color to be a pert of each theme, enabling a color suitable for that theme to be chosen by the developer.
      • Peter 23Sep17: Longer term we may wish to consider user-customizable colours for the superimposed trackname on audio tracks - possibly even the user to customize on a per tack basis instead of, or as well as, a global setting.
    • ToDo.png Instrument colours 2 to 4 should be themed, and the default values certainly different for High-Contrast theme where the green is redundant and the black disappears into the background.

    Image Cache Tweaks

    • ToDo.png A number of people would like a lighter RMS colour in the orange wave in Dark theme.
    • ToDo.png Make magnify-cursor right handed, and similar style to buttons.
    • Done.png Lighter highlighting in TCP per Bug 1681
      • Peter 20Jul17: Tests ok on Windows and Mac
    • Done.png Highlight down for buttons as well as highlight up.
      • Peter 20Jul17: Tests ok on Windows and Mac
    • Done.png More visible highlight on Classic.
    • Done.png Larger image for thumbs on sliders, so that we can have big thumbs on hover.
      • Peter 20Jul17: On Mac I only see this on Light theme, not Classic or Dark. On Windows I don't see it at all.
      • James 20Jul17: It's very visible on Hi-Contrast. Only the hover thumb is bigger, and it is its outline that is bigger. On dark, the dark outline makes the lighter center work better.
    • Done.png Fix number 7 on Note track.
      • Peter 20Jul17: Good on Mac now - not so good still on Windows
    • Done.png On the Light theme, the graphics for labels have a dark blue fill, and black outline, which makes the outlines difficult to see.
    • Done.png Help icon is crinkly (not strictly a theme issue, but can be fixed by putting the icon into the theme.)

    Theme Code

    • Done.png Use const on ImageCache data (by Henricj)
      • Done.png Fix ensuing lib-path issue (by Paul)
    • ToDo.png Invert selected label background and text on High Contrast (actually use custom colours, blue and white).
    • ToDo.png Enable and tweak Paul's label-hover colouring.
    • ToDo.png All cursor (line) colours themable
    • ToDo.png Abolish many pens and brushes and use the dynamic one.
    • ToDo.png Trawl all code for remaining hard coded images / colours.
    • ToDo.png Rearrange cache to more logical order.
      • Done.png Rearrange cache to more logical order Part I (remove dead images, and some reordering).
    • ToDo.png Themable drop-downs for Device and Selection toolbars.
    • Done.png Use black for numbers on Note track on the Dark and High Contrast themes. The MIDI note colours assume a dark colour for the font.
    In Note tracks (MIDI) most numbers on the channel toggles in the TCP are barely discernible in these two themes.
    • Done.png Light Theme big-button hover to have up and down colouring to better indicate what will happen if you click.
    • Done.png Dark Theme big-buttons to behave more like Light Theme, using split colouring.

    Bigger Theme Projects

    • ToDo.png Audacity uses raw images, if available.
    • ToDo.png Raw images in github, and generate cooked image locally, e.g. for official release builds.
    • ToDo.png Cooked image built in using RC (on windows) sections (on linux)
    • ToDo.png Version migration scheme for themes.
    Automation Progress: "What is That?" Audacity Manual page


    • Initial work
      • Done.png Initial experiments with javascript tools.
        • Likely to use canvas.
        • Repainting canvas completely looks to be fast enough that we don't need to be smarter.
      • Done.png Proposal page set up with some mock ups.
      • Done.png Design concept for annotation interaction properly worked out.
    • Coding
      • Done.png Png images captured for the very very basics.
      • Done.png Image and manual-contents iframe positioned and sized.
      • Done.png Sub areas (e.g. support annotation of buttons within toolbars, sliders within TCP)
      • Done.png Drawing of menu bar menus.
      • Done.png Refine menu bar clicking/highlighting.
      • Done.png Basic linkage of regions to html.
      • Done.png Linkage alternatives, e.g. 'Track Menu' has two targets.
      • This affects tooltips. We have two tooltips with the same 'key', but they are matched up correctly.
    • Capture local copies of wiki/manual html for right hand side-strip.
      • Done.png Construct new top-level html side-strip content.
      • Done.png Convert 20 Sample html pages to format for side-strip
      • Done.png Convert remaining html pages to format for side-strip
      • Done.png Convert 303.css to narrow format
      • Done.png Regenerate with a modern capture of the manual, including the Extra menu pages.
    • Spec file creation
      • Done.png Python script for html file conversion for side-strip (using beautiful soup approach)
      • Done.png Python script for spec file creation (initial work is semi automated, semi by hand) By hand, but helped by automation.
      • Done.png Entry in spec file for Menubar. Added by hand, not automatic.
      • Done.png Toolbar/Buttons Areas/Subareas Spec File
      • Done.png TrackPanel Areas/Subareas Spec File
      • Done.png Menus Spec File
    • Spec files.
      • Done.png Spec file containing the Audacity menu information.
      • Done.png Spec files for annotation locations. Compute annotation locations.
      • Done.png Spec file for main toolbar areas.
      • Done.png Spec file for sub areas.
      • Done.png Spec file for image cache.
      • Done.png Auto generate caption list from spec file.
      • Done.png Compute slide location from area location. Add slide anchor names.
    • Implement annotation arrows
      • Done.png Basics.
      • Done.png On faded panel.
      • Done.png Smarter 'best' arrows. (compute edges to join).
    • Hosting

    Snag List

    • Done.png Reset does not work when in a menu item.
    • Done.png Workaround whole-site caching issue. used a version number in the path
    • Done.png Workaround CORS wiki caching issue. used a timestamp in the to-wiki request
    • Done.png Menu image maps have approximate hotspots, the right width, but location can be out slightly.
    • Done.png Toolbar and menu image maps require clicking around to generate them, prior to capture.
    • Done.png Toolbar image maps may link to the 'wrong' item where two items like 'Cut' have the same name. (one cut is for audio, one is for labels).

    Optional Extras

    • Export for manual.
      • Done.png Choose for-manual or for-WIT version of annotations.
      • The menu layout changes between the two. The manual needs a more compressed format.
      • Done.png Export Current image
      • This works for toolbars, menus and the all-in-one numbered front page.
      • Done.png Export Complete Annotation imagemap
      • Done.png Export Complete Menu imagemap
      • Done.png Export Complete Keyboard reference
      • Done.png Export Complete Automation reference
    • Dynamic loader
    • Done.png Developer's version - jumps into code behind the feature.
      • This is using a list of Doxygen SHAS to get to the doxygen documentation of functions in the menus.
      • Many further extensions are possible to better support developers learning about Audacity.
    • Done.png Experiment with what-is-that for Audacity architecture.
    • Done.png Styling with new website theme.
    • Content
      • ToDo.png Audacity preferences panels.
      • ToDo.png All 3 regions in the status bar.
      • Done.png (optional) Numbers on the main screen.
      • ToDo.png Drawing of track menu and other context menus.
      • More image maps
        • A cleverer version of the code would also make switching between these images more natural.
        • ToDo.png An image map that shows clips.
        • ToDo.png Image map for MIDI.
        • ToDo.png Image map for Time Tracks.
        • ToDo.png Image map for Spectrogram, with spectral selection toolbar.
        • ToDo.png Image map showing SHIFT + Transport toolbar
    • Done.png Separately show general URLs and Doxygen URL.
    • Done.png Export files as zip (using zip.js) Support multiple (local) file downloads. It's as fast and more convenient.
    • Done.png Reset button. (Can also click on title bar instead).


    • ToDo.png Pull manual pages directly from the wiki, rather than rely on a previously wiki2html converted copy as the base.
      • Smarter CSS that handles both wide and narrow screens.
    • ToDo.png (Optional) Push generated pages to the wiki, especially the tables like Automation and Shortcuts.
    • Done.png Auto-walk the menu and toolbar image maps, to generate the hit regions correctly.
    • ToDo.png Zoom-In images, where a click may take you into a new diagram with more detail.
      • It is possible, and would be nice for this to be animated.
      • This could also allow us to have toolbars closer to the edge, and still annotate them on both sides.
    • Implement effects (transitions)
      • ToDo.png Implement highlight boxes.
      • ToDo.png Implement smooth scroll-to behaviour.
      • ToDo.png Implement annotation fades.
      • ToDo.png Implement transition effect for full-page help.
    • Annotation system flexibility
      • ToDo.png Fine tuning of annotation choices via wiki data.
      • ToDo.png Annotations to side, not just above and below.
      • ToDo.png Annotations in a circle around.
      • ToDo.png Developer mode for more easily creating the annotations.
      • ToDo.png Annotations measure and centre text.
    • Greater flexibility in the menu generation
      • ToDo.png Compact format for long-menus like effects.
      • Done.png Auto-detect menu being hidden, and reposition it. Ensure menu is drawn even if partly hidden.
      • ToDo.png Merge the menu system and the annotation label system by making both more flexible.
      • ToDo.png Different styles of menu, such as sunburst
    • User menu feature
      • ToDo.png User can rearrange the menu using click, drag and textbox editing, and then download a spec file that states the new order.
    • ToDo.png Shaped regions, not just rectangles.
      • I'd like to do this with a colour-by-numbers approach as it makes producing complex diagrams much easier.
    • Reverse linkings
      • ToDo.png Clicking in the scroller updates what is selected in the image.
      • ToDo.png Image (e.g. of menus) removed from the scroller page.


    Merger of static-wiki with WIT

    All the image map diagrams in wiki could become dynamic WIT style image maps. Rather than have a WIT copy of the manual and separately an online static copy, they could be one and the same.

    Developer's Version (content)

    The manual image map succeeds because there is plenty of content in wiki to support it. You're drilling down not just into names, but into explanations of features. The architectural diagram is sparser. We should look at building up the developer section of the wiki, writing design topics in the wiki for each component of the system. Then we use WIT to provide navigation and a link direct into the doxygenated code.

    This page is for keeping track of bugs in Automation project.

    Draft manual pdf v0.2

    We are now at V0.4

    I could work forever on improving the pdf manual. My thinking is that we use the drafts to decide on our intended uses - e.g. for foreign language FAQ. Then we prioritise the fixes accordingly.
    • I'm also separating tweaks/changes which live in the engine and those that need custom work in the text

    Page numbers are examples of issue for that version. For Auto-formatting, fixing one should fix all occurrences.

    The current script is generic, in that it can/should convert any wiki, given a toc.

    In supporting new custom styles we need to
    • Ensure the style is applied consistently in the wiki. (easiest when using templates)
    • Provide LaTeX equivalents for the style.
    • Include it in a conversion customisation file.

    Fixes By Hand

    • Done.png Custom front page needed.
    • Done.png 2 wiki pages which did not import even after script changes need attention.
    • ToDo.png Tweaking image sizes. For image families, this could be a mix of wiki custom classes and informing script about them, so both by hand and script to fix.
      • Done.png Toolbar Overview image merits being full page width. p136
      • ToDo.png Progress dialog does not need full column width. p382
      • ToDo.png Would be nice to improve formatting of Idea, Warn, Alert. p18
      • Done.png Would be nice to consistently use the same magnification for all menus, rather than sizing to fit the column width. p407
    • ToDo.png Support more custom styles.
      • ToDo.png Nyquist script should have its own format set off from other text. p367
      • ToDo.png Remove forward and Back FAQ links (mark as not pdf). p100
      • ToDo.png Remove links section of effects pages (mark as not pdf). p353
      • ToDo.png Batch processing commands could benefit from their own style. p551
      • ToDo.png Glossary entries could benefit from their own style. p556
      • Done.png One-column style for GNU GPL. p562
      • ToDo.png Help button in running text, either shrink it or make it a floating image with text flow around it. Beware, it is often in a bulletted list, so formatting may need to be list-aware. p8
      • ToDo.png Mocked up snippets from dialogs, e.g. checkbox and drop down examples, lack the grey background. This should be a non breaking box, given some uses are currently line broken. p17, p56
    • ToDo.png "This is a comment and will be ignored" got through into final doc. p457
    • ToDo.png Long bullet lists should use tighter spacing. p483
    • ToDo.png toc tweaks.
      • ToDo.png Move 8 'Unsorted' sections into a more permanent home in toc.
      • ToDo.png Drop experimental from-wiki table of contents page? p560
    • ToDo.png Resolve unicode symbol unsupported in pdf issues, e.g. for Mac cloverleaf, by using images instead.
    • Done.png Custom page breaking on some large images, e.g. of very long menus. p301, p466
    • ToDo.png Image captions not bound to images, but rather placed in table cells, resulting in misplaced captions (e.g. for theme images), when the script breaks the tables apart.
    • ToDo.png In wiki we sometimes have previews or summary tables prior to going into detail. That needs rethink/redesign for good looking pdf.
      • ToDo.png Show Theme images just once in that chapter OR force thumbnail size where first mentioned. p481-482
      • ToDo.png Show effects and their descriptions just once in that chapter OR provide a new diagram showing effect families where first mentioned. p312.
      • ToDo.png Logo on p6 - just show it once in pdf.

    Fixes By Auto-Formatting

    • Done.png Imagemaps are not hyperlinked.
    • Done.png Switch from Times New Roman to a modern sans font (Helvetica).
    • ToDo.png Long lines overflow into next column. p100
      • A possible solution is to auto-detect URL like things and apply LaTeX \seqsplit to them.
    • ToDo.png URLs that link out of the document are not supported. Particularly relevant for the Wikipedia links in glossary.
      • Hyperref supports these links being in a different colour, and I intend to do so.
    • ToDo.png Empty first entry in some item lists. p31

    Supporting Stuff

    Automation Progress: Image Script


    • Done.png Very basics of capturing effects dialogs automatically.
    • Done.png Menu Image Maps. Generation of the images, the image maps, tooltips and links.
      • Now includes the top bar.
      • Now hides the ext menus, unless we are showing Ext-Bar or Ext-Command.
      • Optionally generates template of menu description pages.
      • Added customisable Redirects so we can go to arbitrary pages.
      • Added support for creation of command list
      • Added support for standard and full key-binding information.
      • Added support for extra annotations.
    • Done.png Capturing preferences panels automatically.
    • Done.png Script to crop and upload 190 track images.
      • Boy that would have been tedious by hand!
      • Using image Magick, magick mogrify -crop 1000x1000+101+0 -path ../Output *.png
      • Then use python pwb upload2 C:/dir/Output "Cropped Track Panels"
      • The 'easy' way to get the images was to create three wiki pages for the different croppings, and then from a browser save-web-complete
    • Annotation script
      • Done.png Reasonably fast by-hand Inkscape image-layers approach found and used to date.
      • Done.png Improved method using WIT
    • Python (or other) test script to generate all manual images
      • Done.png Menu category (C++ program)
      • Done.png Menu category (more maintainable version in WIT)
      • Done.png Button category (using theme file-export)
      • Done.png Toolbar category (using screenshot-tools)
      • Done.png Toolbar category (more maintainable AND annotated version in WIT)
      • Dialog Category
        • Done.png Effects Dialogs (using screenshot-tools)
        • Done.png Preferences Dialogs (using screenshot-tools)
      • Track Category (190 Tracks)
        • Done.png Done.png WaveTracks
        • Done.png Done.png LabelTracks
        • Done.png Done.png Envelopes
        • ToDo.png Python code to add cursor on, e.g for resizing cursor.
        • Done.png Python code to add drop shadow
        • Done.png Python code for tighter cropping.
      • Done.png Add timing info to output
      • Done.png Master script to coordinate the others.
      • Done.png Amalgamate sequential-step captures, rather than regenerate.
    • Done.png Web page report with all image track captures.


    • ToDo.png Button mogrification (e.g. showing different button states)
    • ToDo.png Other dialogs.
      • If we need to script their capture urgently we can use AutoHotKeys.
    • Refinement to screenshot tool
      • ToDo.png Capture unions-of rectangles, Track1 + LowerDock.
      • Done.png File name option, not just file path option.
      • Done.png New All_Tracks and All_Tracks_Plus options.
      • Done.png New code to avoid losing focus, which affects the screenshot.


    • The focus/hover effects aren't for this time round.
      • Done.png ToDo.png WaveTracks | Hover effect on envelopes missing.
      • Done.png ToDo.png LabelTracks | Hover effects on Labels missing.
    • MIDI and Time tracks can only be done, currently, by loading existing projects.
      • Can use cut and paste in demo scripts.
      • Can't do MIDI or time-track edits
      • ToDo.png ToDo.png MIDI Tracks
      • ToDo.png ToDo.png Time Tracks
    Automation Progress: mod-script-pipe


    • Done.png Get working again and in Python (earlier demos were in Perl mostly)
      • The python scripts are currently OK both on 2.7 and 3.6, as they are not using 3.x features.
    • Done.png Bring Perl script up to date so that it is usable again.
    • Done.png Make python equivalent of Perl script.
    • Done.png Done.png Done.png Compiles / loads / runs, with python on Windows.
    • Done.png Done.png Done.png Compiles / loads / runs, with python on Linux.
    • Done.png ToDo.png ToDo.png Compiles / loads / runs, with python on Mac.
      • The remaining issue on Mac is believed to be about placing the module in the right place where Audacity will find and load it.
    • Done.png Complete implementation of the SetProjectInfo and SetTrackInfo command per wiki, now allowing optional parameters in a command.
      • Done.png Document the extended GetProjectInfo, GetTrackInfo, SetProjectInfo, SetTrackInfo in the alphamanual.
    • Done.png Diagnose and fix unicode issue leading to early termination.
    • Done.png Allow spaces in parameter values using 'string' or "string".
      • This was needed for filenames.
      • It will be needed for labels.
    • Done.png Start of recording-test script.
    • Done.png Remove need for the '+' in 'w+' when running on linux.
    • Auto-Documentation system for commands:
      • Done.png Update Audacity so that a single definition of parameters suffices for get / set / defaults / validation / type info.
      • Done.png Update Audacity to provide a GetAllCommands command, that lists commands with detailed JSON specs.
      • Done.png Update WIT to reformat the JSON command spec for the manual.
      • Done.png Produce automatic Automation Reference Page
    • New Audacity commands (for test scripts)
      • Done.png Design/refine commands and parameters
      • Write
        • Done.png GetMenuItems command
        • Done.png GetCommands command
          • Done.png GetCommands+ command (also gets solo-menu-items)
        • Done.png GetBoxes command
        • Done.png GetTracks command
        • Done.png GetClips command.
        • Done.png GetLabels command.
        • Done.png Get preference parameter command.
        • Done.png Select commands.
          • Done.png Also select-from-end option.
          • Done.png Also spectral selection.
        • Done.png SetTrack command.
          • Done.png Also colour, height
          • Done.png Also grayscale, spectral-edit-enabled.
        • Done.png SetClip command. (colour, T0)
        • Done.png SetLabel command. (text, t0, t1)
        • Done.png SetProject command part I. (window size, title, position)
        • Done.png Set preference parameter command.
          • Done.png Reload-Prefs checkbox working.
      • Done.png Do the manual part of documenting them.
      • Done.png Run the automated part of documenting them.
    • Done.png Move commands to AudacityCommand so that they have prompting dialogs and can participate in Macros.
      • Done.png Move DemoCommand
      • Done.png Move ScreenshotCommand
      • Done.png Move CompareAudioCommand
      • Done.png Move SetTrackInfoCommand
      • Done.png Move SelectTimeCommand
      • Done.png Move SelectTracksCommand
      • Done.png Move SelectCommand
      • Done.png Move GetPreferenceCommand
      • Done.png Move SetPreferenceCommand
      • Done.png Move GetInfoCommand
      • Done.png Move HelpCommand
      • Done.png Move ImportCommand
      • Done.png Move ExportCommand
      • Done.png Move OpenProjectCommand
      • Done.png Move SaveProjectCommand
    • Done.png Fix extra commas in JSON.
    • Done.png Allow optional parameters to NOT be defaulted.
    • Done.png Fix CommandHolder destructor.


    • Done.png Increase separation between AudacityCommand and Effect classes.
    • Done.png System for returning responses to user, even when outside batch-mode.
      • Done.png Response supporting JSON format
      • Done.png Response supporting LISP format
      • Done.png Response supporting Brief format
    • Done.png AudacityCommand and Effect hierarchy to be made more an equal footing.
      • I'm using mixins, which both hierarchies use, rather than making one derive from the other.
    • ToDo.png GetInfo: Boxes to include Track Control Panel buttons.
      • It's a nice to have, but not essential to the automated images created by WIT.
    • Done.png Enhancements to the JSON
      • Done.png Use the internal description strings, where available, in the JSON
      • Done.png Include indication of 'optional' for fields which are optional.
    • Done.png Enhancements to the Nyquist format
      • Done.png "(list" and rearranged label format much closer to label production format.
    • Done.png DefineParams() for existing Nyquist effects.
    • ToDo.png DefineParams() for existing LADSPA effects
      • Without this, effects don't advertise their parameters.
    • Done.png Fix crazy automation IDs for Tracks->Align-Tracks, which contain colons and & making them unusable for scripting.
    • Done.png Screenshot Command extensions, for first 2, 3 and 4 tracks.
    • Done.png Screenshot Command extensions, for tracks with ruler.
    • Done.png Screenshot Command extensions, for all-tracks, with and without ruler.
    • Done.png GetInfo: Type=Preferences
    • Done.png GetInfo: Type=Envelopes
    • Done.png SetEnvelopes:
    • Done.png Help button on Automation dialogs.
    • Done.png Cancel button on Automation dialogs (and X to behave as Cancel rather than as Apply).
    • Done.png Fix Bug: Tone currently running as Chirp from batch. No derived-parameters support.
    • Done.png Case insensitive command name matching.
    • Done.png Count by channels or by Tracks, when doing SetTrack, SetClip or SetEnvelope.

    Super Optional

    These are even more optional, because they can already be done some other way.

    • ToDo.png GetInfo: Keycodes command.
      • Optional, because the information is already available from GetInfo: Menus.
    • ToDo.png SetClip to be able to move a clip to a new track.
      • Optional, because we can use cut and paste to get the same result.
    • ToDo.png SetProject command part II. (set zoom, hscroll, vscroll)
      • Zoom and hscroll can already be set by making a selection and then zoom-to-selection.
      • vscroll can be done using DragCommand - though it's a very fiddly workaround.
    • Extend use of DefineParams() function.
      • Optional. It just makes for shorter cleaner code.
      • Done.png Discussion with Paul about code vs data approaches. Also consistency across menus and dialogs.
      • ToDo.png Generate default vanilla config dialogs from the DefineParams functions.
      • ToDo.png Auto-generate validators that are picked up automatically by ShuttleGui.


    • ToDo.png (hard) Modify ResponseQueueTarget to provide intermediate results as we progress.
    • ToDo.png Fix crazy thread-loop instantiation of the ExecCommand function. That loop only needs to execute once.
    • ToDo.png Done.png Move BatchEvalCommand and MessageCommand to AudacityCommand.
      • These two are used to transfer data and responses, so converting them means dismantling more code
    • Improved error handling and reporting.
      • ToDo.png Design the strategy
      • ToDo.png Write
      • ToDo.png Document
    Automation Progress: Wikibot


    • Done.png Got feet wet with PyWikibot.
      • Use Python 3.6, as 2.7.x has unicode issues with some scripts. On wiki use special pages to set up a bot password. Authentication set up and working.
    • Done.png PyWikibot upload2:
      • Now can upload multiple image files 'whilst having a coffee'. Over 100 image files uploaded. No longer necessary to baby sit.
    • Done.png Pywikibot replace:. 'fixes' are their term for patterns used to make changes.
      • Done.png Custom fixes added for replacing spans and lists with our equivalent templates.
      • Done.png Custom fix done to introduce i18n template in place of the flags. Script ran through 1068 pages, once to replace and once to consolidate running for 8 hours in total.
      • Examples and comments in PyWikibot replace are in Hungarian.
      • Getting the fixes working right is mostly about correct escaping. You must use r strings, and it is vital to escape [ ] | ( ) characters.
      • For our use we typically need the (.*?) weak repetition in wildcards rather than strong.
    Page to track technical debt
    Tracking both internally caused and externally caused

    Internal Technical Debt

    • Done.png Very messy sizer code. Solve with ShuttleGui
    • Done.png No NAKED NEWS! We leak too much.
    • Done.png Consistent exception handling.
    • ToDo.png Test and handle all error-returns.
      • Done.png Todo comments in code for error returns.
    • ToDo.png The GetLink() story

    External Technical Debt

    Libs (all platforms)

    • ToDo.png Communicate wx3 workarounds back to wxWidgets
    • ToDo.png wx3.1.0 will soon be available.
    • ToDo.png LAME libs upgrade. More secure version available.
    • ToDo.png LAME patents have expired. Must consider moving to bundling it.


    • ToDo.png Carbon deprecated. Upgrade.
    • ToDo.png High Sierra issues.


    • ToDo.png New Linux formats AppImage, Snaps and Flatpack gaining traction. We might need to consider.


    • ToDo.png Supporting 64 bit at all requires newer compiler. (Henric has done work, so this should go smoothly).
    • ToDo.png Update to handle new i18n template.
    • ToDo.png Adjust so that manual does not need to be prepped.
      • It should no longer necessary to set the manual out of alpha mode, nor remove the development manual header.
      • Instead do this from inside the script.
    • ToDo.png Rewrite as two stages - one to pull the files and one to do the transformation
      • Second stage can use beautifulsoup, as the wiki2tex script does.
      • This will be more maintainable, and the same kind of knowledge will be needed for either.
    • ToDo.png Include option of compressing images, so that we don't need to use polish to reduce the size.
    • ToDo.png Include option of pulling specific language versions.
    This page attempts to identify times when a user can easily get stuck in a mode and not know what to do to get out of it
    Users often:
    • Inadvertently get into some special mode.
    • Do not know about the mode.
    • Do not know how to get out of it.
    When we attempt to address such problems, our first defense is to make it less likely to accidentally get into one of these special modes. We sometimes can do better by making the mode self-cancelling, e.g. it only operates whilst you drag. Even better, sometimes we can avoid having a special mode altogether.


    1. Stuck in a Mode - Bear-Traps
    2. Other PITAs
    3. Completed

    Stuck in a Mode - Bear-Traps

    Bear trap.png
    Quick Fix:

    This potential new menu item may help some users. It would display 'Fix' buttons for some of the common stuck-in modes (if that mode is active).

    • Sound-Activated Recording
    • Sync-Lock
    • Snap-To
    • ToDo.png Stuck-in-Tool. Wave moves and selection no longer works. Solution will be proper implementation of multi-tool.
    It's too easy to click the buttons unknowingly, worse still, the shortcuts for switching tools in the Tools toolbar are all single keystrokes F1 though F6 (plus A and D when Full set is selected) which makes it far to easy for the inexperienced user to press these and not understand why their view of the waveform has changed and why stuff doesn't work.
    Peter 03Sep19: we get far too many users caught in this simple bear-trap (which also wastes Forum-elves' time hauling them out). Latest example today: Forum post.
    • ToDo.png Snap-To. Why can't I select in smaller units than a second?
      • Zoom in far enough and snap-to is cancelled (in DA) which is how most users try to get out of it.
        • ToDo.png Peter 03Aug19: BUT it is not fixed for normal Audacity (nor does it appear fixed in DA either) - I shall log a bug for this
          • Logged as P3 Bug #2210 - Selection fails at high zoom levels when Snap To is on
    • ToDo.png Stuck-in-Sound-Activated-Recording.
      • ToDo.png The amelioration could be done via Quick-Fix menu, but there are probably other improvements that could help.
      • Seems to be pretty common. One recent (Jan 2017) user even realized they were stuck in sound activated recording, and set the volume to -59dB to work around it.
      • Another recent user asks 'Why does my recording keep starting and stopping?'.
    • ToDo.png Stuck-in-Scrub.
      • We have three ways of invoking scrub/seek: Transport menu, Scrub Ruler and Scrub Toolbar. None of them invokes a form of scrubbing familiar to users of other audio or video editors - and it is too easy to get stuck, too hard to escape from. Redesign (and simplify) the GUI - make it so that releasing the mouse action for scrubbing just stops the scrub - rather than leaving you adrift in scrub mode.
        • This has been ameliorated from 2.3.1 onwards, where the Scrub Ruler has been turned "off" by default.
    Longer term, consider removing it altogether - we don't need three ways to invoke scrubbing.
    • ToDo.png Stuck in overdub.
    Overdub is on by default. Newbies usually don't need overdub turned on (unless they are very bold and start our straight off doing multi-track overdubbing). Although we are a "Multi-track editor" - overdubbing is a somewhat advanced piece of functionality. Turn overdub off by default.
    • ToDo.png Stuck with no FFmpeg library
    • ToDo.png Stuck trying to create custom shortcuts. It doesn't work!
      • Peter 03Sep19: actually it does work - it's just rather complicated - and too easy to not make your changes stick.
    GUI is a mess.
    1. Click on the command entry
    2. then you have to click on (or tab to) the input box
    3. type your chosen shortcut (and deal with conflicts if necessary)
    4. Click Set
    5. Click OK
    The big problem is that the user (Peter: often me included) mistakenly think that Set "does what it says on the tin" and makes the setting - but no. You have to use OK to set the set (If you just X out of the dialog after step 4 you lose your setting(s) made in that dialog session).
    • Done.png Sync-Lock. Why am I getting all those clocks? Why can't I edit clips individually?
      • ToDo.png More to do to make a more intuitive sync-lock that does not use clocks.
        • Peter 03Sep19: I'd like to be able to select a group of adjacent tracks, have a command to sync/lock them - and draw a bold rectangle around them to show the sync-locked grouping. Much better that delimiting but label tracks underneath.
    • ToDo.png Consider longer-term solutions for Vertical Zoom
    Consider a VZoom bar OR major overhaul of zooming for rulers.
    • ToDo.png Time limited recording
      • When a selection is present (track selection or Timeline selection), using Record New Track (or when using Timer Record) Audacity will only record for the duration of the selection
      • This could cause users to lose valuable unrepeatable audio data
      • James suggested showing the Timer Record progress dialog to indicate a timed recording as a visual cue
        • We may need a new dialog for this, allowing the user to interact and change the end-time on the fly
    • ToDo.png Labels can have spectral selections applied to them in their data set
      • These can be (or rather become) invisible to the user
        • ToDo.png See Bug #2801 Frequencies added to labels by "invisible" spectral selection
        • ToDo.png See Bug #2646 Edit Labels dialog at default size "hides" the Frequency data
      • There is no real use-case that has ever been supplied for storing spectral selections with labels
      • As an edge case you can even have a spectral range assigned to a point label

    Other PITAs

    These aren't exactly stuck-in-a-mode, but have similar bad consequences for typical inexperienced Audacity users
    • ToDo.png Broken fragmented project
      Many users try to open the .au files - many users lose data through renames and other, external to Audacity, manipulations.
    • ToDo.png Orphan blockfiles
      We shouldn't really be getting these - but when we do users are confused about the courses of action offered to them in the dialog.
      The error/warning dialog was always overly scary - and confused/startled users, making them unsure what to do
    • ToDo.png Accidentally nudging the Pan or Gain sliders
    Can cause unintended, unnoticed at the time, audio corruption. See Proposal Locking and/or Hiding Pan and Gain sliders
    • ToDo.png Users can lose carefully created toolbar layouts
    See Proposal: GUI Custom Resets for Toolbar Layouts
    • ToDo.png Export in Macros
      • In Macros "Export as ..." relies entirely on the settings that last time the menu command was used (or default settings if command never used.
      We need parameter settings for the Export command(s) in Macros


    • Done.png No easy way to reset config files
    • Done.png Stuck-In-Pause. None of my effects will apply any more.
      • Pause now is over-ridden if the user tries to select and apply an effect or other edit
    • Done.png Select-less. All my effects are grayed out.
      • They aren't now, and they prompt you to make a selection.
    • Done.png Scrub ruler.
      • It's far too easy for the unwary to inadvertently click in the Scrub Ruler and get stuck in Scrubbing (see below). So it should be off by default. Scrubbing is easily "discoverable" via the Transport menu - and the Scrub Ruler is "discoverable" and capable of being turned on in Transport>Scrubbing or via the Timeline context menu. so we don't need it on by default.
        • From 2.3.1 the Scrub Ruler has been turned off by default.
    • Done.png Stuck in Type to create a label
    It is too easy to inadvertently create a label with this as the current default is on. In Prefs>Tracks>Tracks Behaviors checked "on'" should not be the default.
    • Done.png Stuck in Show metadata tags before export

      In Preferences>Import/Export - folk often don't know how to turn it off. Suggest an off switch in the metadata dialog on export.

      • Peter 02Nov18: This has been discussed many times (including on the Forum) - it's such a simple fix, why don't we just get on and do it? It surely can't be a contentious thing to do (it would certainly benefit me while QA testing).
    • Done.png Stuck with no LAME library
      • A lot of folk still have trouble locating it - and Buanzo's site has nasty misleading ads with BGBs. Now that the patents have expired we should be able to integrate LAME.
        • From 2.3.2 onwards LAME is buit-in with Windows and Mac builds.
    • Done.png EQ curve management
    Currently there are two independent curve management options in the Equalization effect. The user is unsure which to use - there should only be one.
    See also: P3 Bug #1722
    Fixed for 2.3.3 with the two new EQ effects replacing Equalization
    • Done.png Using "Save as..." switches Audacity from the current open project to the saved-as project (which could be the staged safety copy)
    Fixed in UP-3.0.0 with the new Backup Project command
    • Done.png V-Zoom. Help! My waveform has disappeared.
    It is quite common for users to activate vertical zoom by inadvertently clicking in the vertical ruler - and then being unable to understand how to restore normal vertical zoom
    Short term amelioration
    Two modes for for VZoom
    1. Simple (default): no left-click zoom, right-click delivers a context menu
    2. Advanced/Expert: left-click zoom-in and range zoom via drag as 2.2.1 and earlier, right-click delivers a context menu

    • Done.png Stuck in pinned playhead/recordhead mode. It is not "discoverable" as to how to return to unpinned:
    1. Hovertext tooltips are restricted very locally to the playhead-type icon at left of Timeline
    2. Hovertext tooltips are poor
    3. No Timeline context menu command to toggle playhead type
    4. Right-click on the pinned head fails to launch a context menu (it wrongly, according to established GUI guidelines, allows click&drag like the left-click)
    5. No preference for setting playhead type
    • Done.png Rendering a single track unnecessarily moves it to the bottom of the project thereby losing membership of any Sync-Locked Track group and unnecessarily rearranging the user's project layout. See Bug #2214.
    This provides a checklist on progress on the Website Project


    • Done.png New Audacity icon designed and agreed.
    • Done.png New Audacity font and coloring to go with icon designed and agreed.
    • Done.png New icon applied to all websites and to Audacity.
    • Done.png Basics of new WP theme designed and agreed.
    • Done.png Basic new WP theme deployed.