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This page is for keeping track of bugs in Dark Audacity integration into 2.2.0 development build.
  • I'm hoping it will reduce the overhead in tracking bugs and requests for improvements


  • Selection toolbar is inaccessible (does not respond to tabs normally and not read by Screen Readers)
This is caused by theming the text. The fix is to support color warping (on/off) as an option, and with color warping on use the system settings for this control rather than faking it by new (colored) text items.
  • On Linux Classic theme, the buttons are posterized
This is caused by color warping from Windows default (bright) rather than from old default (darker). It will be fixed by using a darker default in the theme and color warping that to light on Windows.
  • In Hi-Contrast theme the meter numbers are the same color as the meter
The fix is probably to draw a contrasting background behind the numbers. An alternative might be to use two colors, one for when over green, and one for when over black.
  • The pip on Mixer board is not rotated
Will fix. Wasn't a problem in DA which had a round pip.
  • Mac buttons in some themes (dark theme in particular) don't look good.
Will fix. Hi-Contrast will need custom buttons for Mac.
  • (reported) Sickly green colour for unused-track backgrounds in Classic theme on Mac.
Cause unknown.
  • (reported) Play cursor vanishes (except against waveform) in hi-contrast theme on Mac.
Need to check this.
  • Colour at right end of meter bars is wrong when dragged, after having changed theme in the same session.
Will fix.
  • Toolbars lose their previous sizing, after visiting preferences and OKing.
Aim to fix this.
  • Tooltips for record-same-track and record-new-track don't update
Not a DA bug, but made more obvious by DA. Fix to be done for both record and play.
  • Old icon for record=append missing
Will re-instate as an option.
  • Note-tracks are not themed
Will add an extra color for the zebra coloring.
  • Spectrogram is not themed
Will at least use the background colors in future.
  • Graph labels in 'Plot Spectrum' are too light (in dark theme)
Will fix.

  • The Light and Dark themes use the 'cotton reel' images for pinned/unpinned.
Will be fixed as part of other work.
Peter 18Apr17: I think these cotton reel icons are more serious than a mere "niggle".
  • Peter 19Apr17: Thanks for promoting this James.

Improvement Requests

  • The ruler bar color can not be controlled independently of one of the selection colors
These colors need to be split.
  • The time-text-control has lost the color distinction between numbers and units.
These colors need to be split.
  • Themes do not adapt (much) to system theme
This is a big chunk of work, and won't be in 2.2.0. It is most relevant to the Hi-Contrast theme where users may set individual colors for many aspects. Doing this well entails extending the color warping.
  • Old themes not usable with new ImageCache layout.
It's possible using an old debug build with EXPERIMENTAL_THEMING_PREFS to export as separate images, and then re-import with the new code, saving some work.
  • Meter numbers can't be switched on/off
Would be nice to have.
  • With big fonts (e.g. in linux) the sizing looks messy.
Not caused by DA, but would be nice to fix it.
  • Naming of some items in rearranged menus 'not as previously agreed'.
There may be mistakes in that, and even possibly something that was there is now missing. A list here of the problem changes would help. Some changes were made for consistency and have sound reasons/arguments for them.


  • Meter icons aren't actually buttons and highlight differently
Might fix some time.
  • Mute/Solo buttons do not have a hover effect.
Not new. Might fix some time.
  • The sync-lock icon has gone from the track display.
If it is brought back it should do more than it did before. It is easy to tell what mode one is in with a selection present.
  • Focus box invisible on buttons in darker themes.
Outside our control.
  • Many corners of the interface are not themed.
So work still to do. Some will depend on using a system theme. The main work of theming is on things we draw ourselves, such as the track panel and the html text.
  • ImageCache.png is confusing.
It needs reorganising.
  • Blue background on Hi-Contrast theme selected track-panel-info reduces contrast.
Instead the surrounds for buttons should become cyan, and that will give greater clarity that the track is selected.
  • Cyan selection in Hi-Contrast theme reduces contrast.
This is tough. Maybe a blue and not as saturated would work.
  • RMS vs normal colors in Hi-Contrast theme reduces contrast.
Also tough, though a much bigger colour and brightness difference could be used.
  • Dragger icons in ImageCache.png aren't used
These are still owner-draw.


  • Mute/solo are stacked in wave-tracks but not note-tracks
Yep, ought to be made consistent. One thought is to use icons.
  • Dark logo 'vanishes' into background on a dark toolbar.
Needs e.g. a ring around it.