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This page is for keeping track of bugs in Dark Audacity integration into 2.2.0 development build.
  • I'm hoping it will reduce the overhead in tracking bugs and requests for improvements
James: Thanks Gale and Peter for your feedback on these!
James 30Apr17: I think this experiment in an off-list buglist has been helpful so far for this feature. It's kept 45 bugs out of the tracker and allowed them to be tackled as a group. I think this only works because there is a developer 'on the case' for this set of bugs/issues.
  • Gale 30Apr17: Very true about "only works if a developer is on the case". Thanks for being so.


  • Done.png Old icon for record-append missing
Will re-instate as an option.
  • Done.png Tooltips for record-same-track and record-new-track don't update when user binds record-new-track to R and record-same-track to Shift + R
Not a DA bug, but made more obvious by DA. Fix to be done for both record and play.
  • Done.png Selection toolbar is inaccessible (does not respond to tabs normally and not read by Screen Readers)
This is caused by theming the text. The fix is to support color warping (on/off) as an option, on by default. With color warping active, which will happen if the system theme is similar enough, Audacity will use the system settings for this control rather than faking it by new (colored) text items. That will be OK for VI and HI-Contrast users.
  • Done.png On Linux there is no built in theme close enough to the default to allow color blending to work.
This is what is still to do on Bug 1630. Will fix by reducing sensitivity.
  • Done.png On Linux Classic theme, the buttons are posterized
This is caused by color warping from Windows default (bright) rather than from old default (darker). It will be fixed by using a darker default in the theme and color warping that to light on Windows.
  • Done.png In Hi-Contrast theme the meter numbers are the same color as the meter
The fix is (a) to detect this special case and (b) draw a contrasting background behind the numbers in that case.
Peter 30Apr17: Works for me, W10 and Mac.
  • Done.png The pip on Mixer board is not rotated
Will fix. Wasn't a problem in DA which had a round pip.
Peter 30Apr17: Works for me, W10 and MAc.
  • Done.png Mac buttons in dark theme don't look good.
Will fix.
  • Done.png Mac buttons in high contrast theme aren't high contrast buttons.
Will fix.
  • Done.png Midi select color does not match wave select color.
Will fix.
  • Done.png TimeTrack background color does not match wave track background color.
Will fix.
  • Done.png Color at right end of floating toolbars is always dark.
Will fix.
  • Done.png Right end of floating toolbars not redrawn immediately after a theme change.
Also some other parts of the frame were not always repainting.
  • Done.png Resizable floating toolbars shrink down to minimum size inside their frame, which stays the right size, on a theme change.
Was not originally clear why.
  • Done.png Toolbars lose their previous sizing, after visiting preferences and OKing.
Aim to fix this.
Peter 02May17: this appears to be fixed now on W10 audacity-win-rd4726c2-2.2.0-alpha-02-may-17 - with commit 43ff84b. You see them being redrawn but they get redrawn at the correct resized/undocked size.
  • Done.png Note-tracks are not themed
Will add an extra color for the zebra coloring.
  • Done.png Spectrogram is not themed
Will at least use the background colors in future.
  • Done.png Graph labels in 'Plot Spectrum' are too light (in dark theme)
Will fix.
  • Done.png The Light theme uses the 'cotton reel' images for pinned/unpinned.
Will be fixed as part of other work.
  • Done.png The Dark theme uses the 'cotton reel' images for pinned/unpinned.
Will be fixed as part of other work. Possible the pin and bobbin should have white surrounds rather than black, but black seems to work OK, so not an essential.
Peter 18Apr17: I think these cotton reel icons are more serious than a mere "niggle".
  • Peter 19Apr17: Thanks for promoting this James.
    • Peter 05May17: Looking good on Dark and Hi-Contrast where we now have the green and red triangles and the green and red drawing-pins/thum-tacks. Now consistent across all four current themes.

Lower Priority Bugs

  • Done.png Negative numbers same color as normal, when scroll before zero is enabled.
Gale 04May17: Should the blue color be adjusted for Dark and Hi Contrast? I can just about read the numbers in High Contrast but not in Dark.
  • Peter 04May17: On my laptop screen I'm finding the blue numbers quite clear to see in both Dark and Hi Contrast themes - and of course in Classic and Light.
  • James 04May17: Independently I had already decided on a lighter blue for Dark Theme. Probably it will be better for HiContrast too - but at this stage I'd rather someone who needs HiContrast works on improving that theme as I can't tell what is actually needed in it and what isn't.
  • Gale 05May17: Even on my laptop built-in monitor where I have not changed the calibration, I could not read the dark blue. I can read the new light blue in Dark theme fine.

    See the black circular bullet below for the next item? That's a good example why Wiki formatting is inadequate.

    • Peter 05May17: The light blue for the negative numbers in Dark theme is a big improvement in readability. I can't really comment on Hi-Contrast.
  • Done.png (reported) Sickly green color for unused-track backgrounds in Classic theme on Mac.
  • Might have been a bug switching themes from hi-contrast which presumably has been squashed.
    Peter 30Apr17: On my Macbook Pro Sierra 10.12.4 - I do not see a "sickly green color" for the unused track backgrounf. It is not quite the same gray as it is in 2.1.3 being slightly lighter - but it definitely looks gray and not "sickly green".

    On W10 these two backgrounds look to be exactly the same - compared side-by-side in MS Paint.

    @JamesWith a bit of effort I can probably create a similar comparison for the Mac coloring if you require.

    • Done.png (reported) Play cursor vanishes (except against waveform) in hi-contrast theme on Mac.
    Could not reproduce this issue.
    Peter 30Jun17: I do not see this on my Macbook Pro Sierra 10.12.4 testing on 30Apr17 2.2.0 alpha build for Mac. The Play cursor is perfectly visible in Hi-Contrast theme, both for normal Play, Timeline Quickplay and Scrub/Seek play - and the Scrub cursor in the Scrub Ruler displays fine. All ok in all the other three themes too.
    • Done.png (reported by Gale) Scrub ruler ends up the same colour as Timeline, in Light and Classic, after colour blending on Mac.
    Fix by adding a contrasting line. They will still be similar colours, but the zones will be clearly differentiated.
    • ToDo.png With big fonts (e.g. in Linux) the sizing looks messy.
    Not a DA bug, but would be nice to fix it.

    Improvement Requests

    • Done.png The ruler bar color can not be controlled independently of one of the selection colors
    These colors need to be split.
    • Done.png The time-text-control has lost the color distinction between numbers and units.
    These colors need to be split.
    • Done.png Naming of some items in rearranged menus 'not as previously agreed'.
    There may be mistakes in that, and even possibly something that was there is now missing. A list here of the problem changes would help. Some changes were made for consistency and have sound reasons/arguments for them.
    Gale 24Apr17: It was the change from Store/Retrieve cursor or selection to Save/Restore. I changed it back.

    Lower Priority Improvement Requests

    • Done.png Themes do not adapt (much) to system theme
    This is quite hard to do well, as mixing themes can lead to poor results, and it is hard for an algortihm to determine when to belnd and when not.
    • ToDo.png Themes do not adapt (fully) to system theme
    This is a big chunk of work, and won't be in 2.2.0. It is most relevant to the Hi-Contrast theme where users may set individual colors for many aspects. Doing this well entails extending the color warping.
    • ToDo.png Old themes not usable with new ImageCache layout.
    It's possible using an old debug build with EXPERIMENTAL_THEMING_PREFS to export as separate images, and then re-import with the new code, saving some work.
    • ToDo.png Meter numbers can't be switched on/off
    Would be nice to have.
    Peter 30Apr17: Says you, James  ;-)))
    • Done.png The sync-lock icon has gone from the track display.
    Only gone in DA. It's till there in Audacity. It does not need to be brought back in DA, as the background change when there is a selection is enough, but if it is brought back it should do more than it did before - e.g. it should be a button to add/remove from sync-lock.
    Peter 30Apr17: You also have the visual cues of the small clock icons in the bottom right corner of the tracks' Track Control Panel.
    • ToDo.png Focus box invisible on buttons in darker themes.
    Probably outside our control. Need to investigate.
    Peter 30Apr17: I would say barely visible (both on Mac Sierra and W10) for Dark Theme - but definitely not invisible. On Hi Contast theme on W10 and Mac the focus is obvious, glaringly so (but then that is what you want from a hi-contrast theme I'd guess).
    • James 30Apr17: I think there once was a dotted box on the play button in some circumstances and that was the 'focus', rather than it being the hover focus. I'm not convinced it matters.
    • Gale 06May17: I disagree that it does not matter that focus rings are almost invisible in Dark and High Contrast (even with High Contast#2 enabled in Windows). How do you know which button you are on, until you click a button that stays down like Pause or Record, or unless you have a screen reader?

      Paul went to a lot of trouble reinstating focus rings on Mac. On my Sierra machine, they become visible with a "slightly" more visible black border, if you uncheck blend in Audacity Preferences, or if you enable VoiceOver which draws a similar border. But unless you already know which control has focus, it is far too hard to see which control actually has focus.

    • James 06May17: My argument is that mousing users are not inconvenienced at all, indeed on HiContrast they have a much more visible indication of hover over a button than before. Keyboard users who are blind gain nothing from the focus box too. Keyboard users who like/need the focus box in 2.1.3 can stay on Light or Classic in 2.2.0. I don't believe I can recolour the focus box, which I believe is provided by the OS, so I would have to write significant extra code to fake a focus box - and that does not seem worth it to me. If despite my explanation Gale you still think it sufficiently important, raise a bug for it in Bugzilla. This list here does not have 'P' ratings, and so if it needs a P rating it should go in Bugzilla.
    • ToDo.png Many corners of the interface are not themed.
    That is typically because they are controlled by the system theme. This has already been much improved by the blend-themes option, so that using Audacity with a system theme and related dark/light theme is better than it was.
    • ToDo.png Mute/Solo buttons do not have a hover effect.
    Not new. Might fix some time.
    • ToDo.png ImageCache.png is confusing.
    It needs reorganising.
    • ToDo.png Dragger icons in ImageCache.png aren't used
    These are still owner-draw.


    • Done.png Meter icons aren't actually buttons and highlight differently
    Might fix some time.
    • Done.png Blue background on Hi-Contrast theme selected track-panel-info reduces contrast.
    Instead the surrounds for buttons should be differentiated, and that will give greater clarity that the track is selected. And a different selection color used.
    • Done.png Cyan selection in Hi-Contrast theme reduces contrast.
    This is tough. Maybe a blue and not as saturated would work.
    • Done.png RMS vs normal colors in Hi-Contrast theme reduces contrast.
    Also tough, though a much bigger color and brightness difference could be used.
    • Done.png Circles are not centred in Hi-Contrast view
    Hi-Contrast was originally done as a proof of concept. Can be fixed later.
    • Done.png Separate image for rotated pip for slider on Mixer board.
    The shadow should be below, not above, so can't just rotate the normal pip.


    • ToDo.png Mute/solo are stacked in wave-tracks but not note-tracks
    Yep, ought to be made consistent. One thought is to use icons.
    • ToDo.png Dark logo 'vanishes' into background on a dark toolbar.
    Needs e.g. a ring around it.