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Automation Progress: Image Script


  • Done.png Very basics of capturing effects dialogs automatically.
  • Done.png Menu Image Maps. Generation of the images, the image maps, tooltips and links.
    • Now includes the top bar.
    • Now hides the ext menus, unless we are showing Ext-Bar or Ext-Command.
    • Optionally generates template of menu description pages.
    • Added customisable Redirects so we can go to arbitrary pages.
    • Added support for creation of command list
    • Added support for standard and full key-binding information.
    • Added support for extra annotations.
  • Done.png Capturing preferences panels automatically.
  • Done.png Script to crop and upload 190 track images.
    • Boy that would have been tedious by hand!
    • Using image Magick, magick mogrify -crop 1000x1000+101+0 -path ../Output *.png
    • Then use python pwb upload2 C:/dir/Output "Cropped Track Panels"
    • The 'easy' way to get the images was to create three wiki pages for the different croppings, and then from a browser save-web-complete
  • Annotation script
    • Done.png Reasonably fast by-hand Inkscape image-layers approach found and used to date.
    • Done.png Improved method using WIT
  • Python (or other) test script to generate all manual images
    • Done.png Menu category (C++ program)
    • Done.png Menu category (more maintainable version in WIT)
    • Done.png Button category (using theme file-export)
    • Done.png Toolbar category (using screenshot-tools)
    • Done.png Toolbar category (more maintainable AND annotated version in WIT)
    • Dialog Category
      • Done.png Effects Dialogs (using screenshot-tools)
      • Done.png Preferences Dialogs (using screenshot-tools)
    • Track Category (190 Tracks)
      • Done.png Done.png WaveTracks
      • Done.png Done.png LabelTracks
      • Done.png Done.png Envelopes
      • ToDo.png Python code to add cursor on, e.g for resizing cursor.
      • Done.png Python code to add drop shadow
      • Done.png Python code for tighter cropping.
    • Done.png Add timing info to output
    • Done.png Master script to coordinate the others.
    • Done.png Amalgamate sequential-step captures, rather than regenerate.
  • Done.png Web page report with all image track captures.


  • ToDo.png Button mogrification (e.g. showing different button states)
  • ToDo.png Other dialogs.
    • If we need to script their capture urgently we can use AutoHotKeys.
  • Refinement to screenshot tool
    • ToDo.png Capture unions-of rectangles, Track1 + LowerDock.
    • Done.png File name option, not just file path option.
    • Done.png New All_Tracks and All_Tracks_Plus options.
    • Done.png New code to avoid losing focus, which affects the screenshot.


  • The focus/hover effects aren't for this time round.
    • Done.png ToDo.png WaveTracks | Hover effect on envelopes missing.
    • Done.png ToDo.png LabelTracks | Hover effects on Labels missing.
  • MIDI and Time tracks can only be done, currently, by loading existing projects.
    • Can use cut and paste in demo scripts.
    • Can't do MIDI or time-track edits
    • ToDo.png ToDo.png MIDI Tracks
    • ToDo.png ToDo.png Time Tracks