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  • ToDo.png In Light and Classic themes the yellow color of the displayed superimposed trackname on audio tracks is found by meny people to be too hard to read. The same color used on both Dark and High Contrast thems is easily readable. We should be considering assigning the superimposed trackname color to be a pert of each theme, enabling a color suitable for that theme to be chosen by the developer.
    • Peter 23Sep17: Longer term we may wish to consider user-customizable colours for the superimposed trackname on audio tracks - possibly even the user to customize on a per tack basis instead of, or as well as, a global setting.
  • ToDo.png Instrument colours 2 to 4 should be themed, and the default values certainly different for High-Contrast theme where the green is redundant and the black disappears into the background.

Image Cache Tweaks

  • ToDo.png A number of people would like a lighter RMS colour in the orange wave in Dark theme.
  • ToDo.png Make magnify-cursor right handed, and similar style to buttons.
  • Done.png Lighter highlighting in TCP per Bug 1681
    • Peter 20Jul17: Tests ok on Windows and Mac
  • Done.png Highlight down for buttons as well as highlight up.
    • Peter 20Jul17: Tests ok on Windows and Mac
  • Done.png More visible highlight on Classic.
  • Done.png Larger image for thumbs on sliders, so that we can have big thumbs on hover.
    • Peter 20Jul17: On Mac I only see this on Light theme, not Classic or Dark. On Windows I don't see it at all.
    • James 20Jul17: It's very visible on Hi-Contrast. Only the hover thumb is bigger, and it is its outline that is bigger. On dark, the dark outline makes the lighter center work better.
  • Done.png Fix number 7 on Note track.
    • Peter 20Jul17: Good on Mac now - not so good still on Windows
  • Done.png On the Light theme, the graphics for labels have a dark blue fill, and black outline, which makes the outlines difficult to see.
  • Done.png Help icon is crinkly (not strictly a theme issue, but can be fixed by putting the icon into the theme.)

Theme Code

  • Done.png Use const on ImageCache data (by Henricj)
    • Done.png Fix ensuing lib-path issue (by Paul)
  • ToDo.png Invert selected label background and text on High Contrast (actually use custom colours, blue and white).
  • ToDo.png Enable and tweak Paul's label-hover colouring.
  • ToDo.png All cursor (line) colours themable
  • ToDo.png Abolish many pens and brushes and use the dynamic one.
  • ToDo.png Trawl all code for remaining hard coded images / colours.
  • ToDo.png Rearrange cache to more logical order.
    • Done.png Rearrange cache to more logical order Part I (remove dead images, and some reordering).
  • ToDo.png Themable drop-downs for Device and Selection toolbars.
  • Done.png Use black for numbers on Note track on the Dark and High Contrast themes. The MIDI note colours assume a dark colour for the font.
In Note tracks (MIDI) most numbers on the channel toggles in the TCP are barely discernible in these two themes.
  • Done.png Light Theme big-button hover to have up and down colouring to better indicate what will happen if you click.
  • Done.png Dark Theme big-buttons to behave more like Light Theme, using split colouring.

Bigger Theme Projects

  • ToDo.png Audacity uses raw images, if available.
  • ToDo.png Raw images in github, and generate cooked image locally, e.g. for official release builds.
  • ToDo.png Cooked image built in using RC (on windows) sections (on linux)
  • ToDo.png Version migration scheme for themes.