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This page of developer code and/or digital audio documentation is part of a collection of pages for learning about our code. We aim to increasingly add interactive diagrams to these pages and over time connect better to the doxygen documentation.

Tiled Overview

This diagram (above) gives a pictorial overview of the kinds of C++ classes in Audacity. You can hover over each tile to see more about the groups of classes.

Snakes of Classes

The snake diagram (above) groups the C++ classes into several 'snakes'. The size of the circles is an indicator of how much code comments there are about each class. Blue snakes are very specific to Audacity. Red snakes are more abstract or more likely to be reusable in some form in other projects.

The snake diagram is a bit too crowded - there are over 600 classes described. The intention is that as more write up is done, each of the tiles will lead to a small number of snakes and more write up.