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This is an example interactive diagram created using the Wikidiagrams library. One aim of the project is to provide interactive diagrams that explain everything to do with Audacity. The code is also expected to be useful for other code projects, and eventually for Wikipedia too, for biochemical pathways and other interactive diagrams.

This is the spec for the interactive diagram which shows a chart of Audacity bug counts:

Here's the result:

The detailed data for the chart follows.

   "titles":["Date","Live Bugs","Slain Bugs"],
   ["Aug 2017",605,1104],
   ["Sep 2017",543,1192],
   ["Oct 2017",557,1195],
   ["Nov 2017",556,1212],
   ["Dec 2017",542,1255],
   ["Jan 2018",549,1266],
   ["Feb 2018",549,1266],
   ["Mar 2018",539,1310],
   ["Apr 2018",518,1345],
   ["May 2018",489,1382],
   ["Jun 2018",493,1390],
   ["Jul 2018",495,1401],
   ["Aug 2018",501,1410],
   ["Sep 2018",447,1517],
   ["Oct 2018",445,1545],
   ["Nov 2018",450,1571],
   ["Dec 2018",458,1585],
   ["Jan 2019",464,1588],
   ["Feb 2019",468,1592],
   ["Mar 2019",470,1605],
   ["Apr 2019",472,1616],
   ["May 2019",468,1638],
   ["Jun 2019",423,1695],
   ["Jul 2019",404,1740],
   ["Aug 2019",390,1792],
   ["Sep 2019",356,1853],
   ["Oct 2019",360,1860],
   ["Nov 2019",362,1867],
   ["Dec 2019",374,1878],
   ["Jan 2020",384,1887]

   "titles":["Date","Live Bugs","Slain Bugs"],

CREDITS:CAPTION=Audacity Bugs Barchart;TIP=


  • Hover over bars in the image for more bugs details.
  • Hover over stars in the image for more details of releases.

Credits: James Crook ©2020; Data and Image placed in Public Domain