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This shows wikidiagram diagrams actually in a mediawiki installation. The wikidiagram software also works 'stand alone'. You can see work in progress on the wikidiagrams software at the demo page.

Souped-Up Image Map

A souped-up image map with large tooltips. The 'hotspots' button shows how the image-map was made - one image of the people, one image with hotspot colours.

More Image Maps

The Image Maps are widely useful. Here are two more examples that are explaining audio topics.

These diagrams are intended for embedding in a wiki page. It is not the intent to capture all the possible informative content in the tooltips. Text on the wiki page will give most of the explanation. The tooltips are for exploring, to understand details of the diagram or to help with choices about navigating to other information.

The image below is for explaining both how the sound of the word 'audacity' looks as a spectrogram, and for how spectrogram displays change as the window size is varied.


Image-maps also work with images that are drawn on demand. This flow-chart is stored as rectangles and circles, not as an image.

The flow chart is using relative positioning so that items can be added without manually re laying out.

Code Driven Data

Graphs will be used for bug tracking and various code metrics. The structure chart will be generated by a Doxygen-like parsing of the source code.

The 'Snakes Heads' have information about the snake as a whole. Currently the snakes are laid out in a zig-zag fashion. Later I will have methods for combining snakes into a metro style map.


The wrapped-onto-a-sphere display is 'eye candy', and/but gives an idea of how dynamic toolkit diagrams can be.


We also have:

  • A progress report on the work so far
  • Tutorials - Planned pages about audio programming which are motivating the new diagram software.