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This page is for listing of usability matters with the software that impact on many users. Typically, these will be "issues" rather than "bugs", with no explicit item yet on Release Checklist. Or they could be existing disparate bugs where a holistic approach to fixing them could be beneficial.
Comments on issues listed here are welcome, on Talk:Top Usability Issues if the issue still lacks a Proposal page, otherwise on the discussion tab of the linked Proposal page. To report all other bugs or issues, see Reporting Bugs.

Warning icon Detailed discussions of issues should generally be moved to proposal pages with a link from here. In motivating a usability issue, linking to the manual to indicate how a usability issue is currently explained for users can help motivate the call for a change.

Edit Hint: Links to the pages in the manual wiki which show why explaining is tricky could help.

Copy-in versus aliasfiles for uncompressed audio

Warning icon Use of audio by reference (faster) vs copy audio into project (safer) is confusing, and can lead users to lose projects, e.g. by deleting audio they think they no longer need.

Save and export confusion

Warning icon Some users don't realise that export is needed to save audio in non .aup formats.