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Like many open source  programs with multiple developers, Audacity uses CVS  to manage its source code . Anyone can download (or "check out") the latest stable or Beta code anonymously from our CVS repository  using a CVS client. Tortoise CVS  is a recommended free client for Windows licensed under the GPL . It supports secure SSH  access which is required when developers commit changes to our code. TortoiseCVS is generally regarded as easier to use than either command-line CVS or the similar WinCVS  interface which lacks its own SSH client.
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Using Tortoise CVS to commit source code (official SourceForge documentation):


TortoiseCVS context menu in Windows Explorer
TortoiseCVS works under Windows 95, 98, ME (although these are no longer officially supported), NT, 2000, XP and Server 2003. Vista is also supported, although some users report problems with Vista's User Account Control.

TortoiseCVS works with CVS files directly within Windows Explorer, including checking out, updating and committing modules, and viewing differences. The client is accessed in Explorer via a context menu when you right-click over a file, or with File > Open. The current state of a file is displayed as an overlay on top of your normal icons in Explorer.

Tutorial committing Audacity code changes

This tutorial was left incomplete by the author : please help us finish it!

These are one user's steps using TortoiseCVS 1.8.22 to commit changes to Audacity source code. There are more security implications in revising the source code than simply doing a read-only Checkout and Update with an anonymous login.

The following assumptions apply:

  • You have a SourceForge  ID which for the purposes of this tutorial is newbie_sandbox
  • Your SourceForge password is newbiepassword
  • You have requested and received write permission as a developer to the audacious cvs repository (granted by Project Manager). This is an inactive stub project that was part of a temporary fork of the Audacity project for specialized preparation of mono speech files.
  • You want to make changes to the relatively harmless file sandbox.txt and want to 'commit' the changes.
  • You are reasonably proficient with Windows Explorer and on setting Windows environment variables .
  • You have a reasonably standard Windows XP or 2000 installation with the environment variable TEMP defined to be C:\Temp

These steps worked for me...

  1. Install TortoiseCVS 
  2. Open Explorer (for example by right-clicking over the Windows Start button and hitting "Explore")
  3. Create a subdirectory in your Temp directory called C:\Temp\audacious

to be completed.....