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These are feature requests that haven't yet found places in the existing categories on the main Feature Requests page.
Please help us by organising these requests better so they are in related groups. They can then be amalgamated back into the main page.

Longer Descriptions of Proposed Features

Trimming Audio Files

Greetings, I have been using Audacity for a number of years now. One situation that I encounter very frequently is trimming MP3 files, without re-processing such files. I would love to have such a feature. Suggestion for implementation: Once the file is opened, and being played, it would be ideal to have:

- A small button to click at the start of the selection - A small button to click at the end of the selection - Both markers (beginning and end of the selection) are mouse adjustable for finer/exact marker spot - Edit menu can now have choices such as Delete Selection, or Delete All Keeping Selection.

- Also, a Save and a Save As items would be added to the File Menu.

Again, it's only trimming the audio file, no processing or Exporting, or using encoders.

I encounter this situation almost daily, and currently I use MP3DirectCut, but I'm not very happy with its controls. I'd rather use Audacity for that purpose.

Thank you.

Sam H. Electrical Engineer