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These are feature requests that haven't yet found places in the existing categories on the main Feature Requests page.
Please help us by organising these requests better so they are in related groups. They can then be amalgamated back into the main page.

Longer Descriptions of Proposed Features

Track Settings Template

I use Audacity to record my band's practices.

I record 8 tracks simultaneously.

98% of the time, I set the L/R pan on each track the same was again and again, name Track 3 "Bass", Track 4 "Lead Guitar" etc.

It would be great to have a template of settings that I could apply to my 8 audio tracks again and again.

- - - - - -

Splitting Projects

I record my band's practice sessions, usually just to do a quick and dirty mix & export as MP3 for distribution to band members so we can hear how we're playing.

I usually record a small "sets" worth of data... perhaps 40 to 60 mins, containing 4 or 5 songs (with tons of idle chit/chat between)

It would be great if Audacity had a command to split the project up, similar to the "Export Multiple" command, splitting the project up according to labels -- preserving all tracks, into smaller multiple projects, each containing only the underlying audio files pertaining to that smaller project.

Additionally, selecting a section of multiple tracks and splitting out as new project.