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Recording then saving file ok, but editing then Saving or SaveAs fail with error indicating disk may be full. This on commit: e7fd67 built July 1.

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This page is to track the early issues with Unitary Project.
  • Later we may start using Bugzilla.

UP-01 - initial launch

ToDo.png initial launch message

On initial launch I got a message asking if I wanted to associate .aup3 files with Audacity to click on for launch.

I never normally see such a message with any new versions.

I don't get this on Mac Catalina

UP-02 - Save Project grayed-out

ToDo.png initial launch Save Project grayed-out on Win, Mac & Linux

Launched OK but when I went to Save the empty project (a practice we recommend) the Save Project was grayed-out and unavailable.

3-0-0 Save Project grayed out.png

This is a regression on 2.4.2 and earlier.

UP-03 - Drag&Drop

ToDo.png Drag&Drop

I can't drag&drop a .aup3 file onto an open Audacity project window. From discussions with Leland I was expecting to be able to.

3-0-0 can't open aup3 file.png

UP-04 - more on Save Project

Done.png Once the initial Save As has been made - the for subsequent saves the Save Project is no longer grayed out and I can use it to save.

UP-05 - Amplify crashes

ToDo.png Amplify crashes on Mac and Linux

Done.png Amplify works on W10

UP-06 - Save location and name

ToDo.png I imported a file with drag&drop from my desktop, when I went to Save the Project I was offered

a) a very unsuitable location "Session Data" folder - should be last used save location or default location if first ever save

b) a rather oddly constructed name ...

had I done that with 2.4.2 it would have offered Niamh's.aup so I was expecting Niamh's.aup3

3-0-0 odd file location and name.png

Similar on Mac

UP-07 - new project save name and location

ToDo.png Saving a new project - odd name and location offered

This time made a short recording an went to save the project

a) I get offered a different inappropriate name - see image

with 2.4.2 this File Name field would be blank for the user to type

b) note that when I click the down arrow I get offered a duplicate of UP1.aup3

Saving a new project - odd name and location offered.png

Similar on Mac and Linux

UP-08 - last-used location not remembered

ToDo.png If I Save a project to a folder location while I have Audacity open and do Save As - I get offered that location

But if I close and reopen Audacity the the offered location is "Session Data" again and not the last-used location from previous use of Audacity.

UP-09 - error opening empty project


ToDo.png On Mac trying to open a saved with File > Open of an empty project results in a crash

On Mac opening an empty project causes an immediate crash - and the spinning beachball-of-death !


ToDo.png behavior unknown


ToDo.png error opening empty project

And now I find that I can open projects - but get an error with an empty project

With UP3 open I used File >Open to successfully open UP2

But when I tried to open UP1 which was an empty project I Got the error you can see. Clicking OK does not open UP1 but leaves Audacity open as a new project.

3-0-0 error opening empty project.png

UP-10 - timing tests

ToDo.pngSome preliminary timing tests on W10

UP-3.0.0 is a little slower than 2.4.2 right now 0 except for MP3 export which seems bang on the money.

Amplify takes more than double the time though.

Test file is a 3-hour stereo audio file

UP-3.0.0 1) Import 3-hour WAV 1:31 2) Amplify 3-hour audio 2:07 3) Export 3-hour WAV 2:16 4) Export as 3-hour MP3 4:36 5) Import 3-hour MP3 2:07

2.4.2 1) Import 3-hour WAV 0:50 2) Amplify 3-hour audio 0.50 3) Export 3-hour WAV 1:30 4) Export as 3-hour MP3 4:35 5) Import 3-hour MP3 1:12

UP-11 - MIDI

Done.png MIDI

On both W10 and macOS Catalina I can

  • import MIDI files
  • play MIDI tracks

UP-12 - recent files list

ToDo.png recent files list

On Mac the Recent Files list is a bit iffy (Steve said the same about Linux)

UP-13 - Move and Rename

Done.png Move and Rename

On W10 and mcOS Catalina I can:

  • rename a .aup3 file
  • move a .aup3 file to a different folder

and in both cases Audacity successfully opens it.

This is GREAT - as this is a tangle with old projects where losers could trip up and lose/damage their projects.

UP-14 - Recovery

ToDo.png Recovery

Testing with a simulated crash.


Done.png W10 recovered properly


ToDo.png recovery failed on Mac I get

>Error Opening Project
>Error: XML declaration not well-formed at line 1


ToDo.png result unknown

UP-15 - cannot update a project


ToDo.png cannot update a project on Linux

On Linux: Attempting to resave a project (to update the saved project) opens a file browser.

Continuing with the save from step to overwrite / update the project gives an assert.

Clicking "Continue" gives the error:
"Could not save project. Perhaps /home/steve/Desktop/test3-reset.aup3
is not writable or the disk is full.

so at present it is not possible to update a project.

Steve: Attempting to update a saved project leaves the project in a state that cannot be reopened. I can provide more details about this if required.


ToDo.png On Windows I also get a file browser an attempting to re-save a project
Done.png I can proceed with the Save (but can't subsequently open it, just as Steve can't for Linux)


ToDo.png On Mac I don't get a file browser - but I do get a dialog. When I press Save I get a warning
UP4.aup3 already exists Do you want to replace it

But when I click the Replace button I get an error message
Error Saving Projecty
Could not save project perhaps ... is not writable or the disk is full

If I save to a different name the save goes ahead. But I can't reopen it.

UP-16 - Nyquist EGATs crash

ToDo.png On Windows and Mac most shipped Nyquist effects, generators, analyzers and tools crash Audacity.

The only three that work are

  • Tremolo
  • Vocoder
  • Rhythm track

Done.png All above the line effects, generators and analyzers work

ToDo.png Linux behaviors unknown