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{{Proposal_Header| This is related to both Real Time Adjustment and Threading and Acceleration. }}
===Proposed Feature: Page Tabled Memory and Event Layout===
To facilitate the environment that would be conducive to both multi-threading and non-destructive processing.
== Developer/QA/Programmer backing ==
* Andrew Hallendorff
==The Layout==
In the abstract this implementation can be thought of as 3 streams of data/instructions.
* Base Indexes - 32bit integers that store both data and instructions.
* Data Blocks - Indexed chunks of data of a fixed size. (most likely 512 (32 bit samples) or 1024 (16 bit samples)
* Events (instructions) - Indexed list of variable size and scope of actors.
Within these page table entries the data could be replaced with negative numbers to index a certain event. The even would preserve the removed page entry while linking to a operation to be preformed upon the stream. The general concept would be a memory model where samples could be directly accessed via a page table rather than a linked list.
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