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(What did you want to do with the uploaded images?)
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'''[[User:Galeandrews|Gale]] 13 Nov 08, 21:22 UTC:''' Hi Carsten, thanks for joining. What were you trying to do, add (or make an image link with) the images you uploaded? You can add an image thus: {{code|<nowiki> [[Image:Nuvola chat.png|left|hover text]] </nowiki>}}
which gives you:<br>
[[Image:Nuvola chat.png|left|hover text]]

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Any Attempt to make this userpage a bit prettier triggered the god-damn spam filter, so I am sorry, but you have to live with this ugly bitch of a userpage, because of that.

My Name is Carsten Cumbrowski. I was born in Berlin, Germany, but are living in California now, since 2000.
For more information about me, visit Cumbrowski.com/about (no link bro, you have to cut'n paste it yourself).

To learn more about my history as a BBS Sysop and Text Artist, visit RoySAC.com.