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Track View Improvements & Find Notes

While the Find Notes view is an experimental and perhaps low priority feature, it serves as an end goal to motivate more directly useful refactoring and optimisation improvements to the code around it - in particular, the TrackArtist and TrackPanel areas. As well as resulting in cleaner and faster code, these changes would make it easier to allow showing more than one view of a wave track at the same time. One way to design the interface for selecting which views to show would be to add a small button to the track panel which toggles display of an extra section, on which a checkbox for each of the available views is shown.

The Find Notes view itself is something I am enthusiastic about working on, because it would make musical transcription (for example, of jazz solos) much easier and faster. As with the scripting module, a large portion of the work has already been done, and the little extra required to bring it to the next level of usefulness seems like a worthy investment.

Since the stable release is approaching and the general consensus is that it's not worth the risk of refactoring internals without more time for testing first, it has been agreed that this section of the project will be replaced by further improvements to scripting and more bugfixing. See the progress page for details.