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I am Edgar (Ed) Musgrove and I live in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.
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I have been programming since the mid-'60's and had some fame for a Commodore 64/128 program and a Commodore Amiga program. I also spent some time creating a library similar in concept to wxWidgets for the BeOS.

I have performed professionally as a vocalist for over 45 years and as a percussionist for almost 20 years now. I recently ended my work as a sound technician after 18 years in the field doing live mixing (mostly B-list FOH and some on-stage monitor mixing for A-list acts).

I am using Audacity to assist in a project to digitalize my huge library of vinyl (78s, 45s and 33s) plus a large number of cassette tapes. In an effort to “pay forward” for my use of this free software I am trying to help debug the code and polish up the manual.