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(Interesting proposals for XFR to GitHub: see also: **[https://github.com/audacity/audacity/issues/2371 GitHub Issue 2371])
(See also: cruft removal)
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===See also===
===See also===
*[[ToDo: Unstick 'Stuck In a Mode']] - bear traps, especially
*[[ToDo: Unstick 'Stuck In a Mode']] - bear traps, especially
* Stuck trying to create custom shortcuts.
* Time limited recording - ''this looks like a bug to me !''
**When a selection is present (track selection or Timeline selection), using Record New Track (or when using Timer Record) Audacity will only record for the duration of the selection
*[[The Multiproject Wormcan]]
*[[The Multiproject Wormcan]]

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Interesting proposals for XFR to GitHub

See also


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Unitary Project

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External article on LP conversion

  • This article used to be linked to from the Audio Restoration page. I changed that link to go to the Manual's workflow tutorial - but I'm keeping this link as a book-mark.

Spectral Selection and editing with Sync-lock

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Draft Proposal shell

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