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==Bug watch/testing==
*'''[[Bug testing workbench]]'''
*[[User:PeterSampson/Bug watch]]
*[[User:PeterSampson/Metadata issues]]
*[[User:PeterSampson/Bugs with Manual pages placeholders]]
==Interesting proposals for XFR to GitHub==
*[[Proposal: Rationalizing where new tracks are created to aid usability and consistency]]
*[[Proposal: Render MIDI tracks to audio]]
*[[Proposal: Chris-like compressor]] - Chris-like compressor
*[[Proposal: Earlier Disk Over-run Warnings]]
*[[Proposal Timer Record Improvements Phase-2]]
*[[Proposal Improvements to the Timer Record time data-entry spinbox controls]]
*[[Proposal DC Offset removal]] - see also:
**[[Proposal DC Management]]
*[[Proposal Auto Detect Audio Device Changes]]
*[[Proposal Label Track Info]]
*[[Proposal Smart Help]] - Detailed context sensitive information on each configurable parameter in the preferences panel
*[[Proposal Graphic indicator of optimum recording level on the waveform display]]
*[[Proposal Improvement of Transport Toolbar]]
*[[Proposal Effect Presets]]
*[[Proposal Locking and/or Hiding Pan and Gain sliders]]
*[[Proposal: Reserved keys for custom key bindings]]
*[[Proposal Normalize & Amplify Consolidation]]
*[[Proposal: GUI Custom Resets for Toolbar Layouts]]
*[[Proposal Log / Linear Envelope Option]] - see also:
**[https://github.com/audacity/audacity/issues/2371 GitHub Issue 2371]
===See also===
*[[ToDo: Unstick 'Stuck In a Mode']] - bear traps, especially
*[[The Multiproject Wormcan]]
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*[[User:PeterSampson/Sand-Box a Custom TOC]]
*[[User:PeterSampson/Sand-Box a Custom TOC]]
==Unitary Project==
*[[Unitary Project - issue tracking]]
==General stuff==
==General stuff==
*[[The Audacity Pumpkin]]
*[[Spectral Editing Review]]
*[[Using WIT]]
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*[[Wish List]]
*[[Wish List]]
==[[Main Page|<span title="this is the hover text">DISPLAYTITLE</span>]]==
Just to remind me how to use "span title" to alter the hover text for a page link (useful when a DISPLAYTITLE is in play)
{{DISPLAYTITLE:Peter's User Page - title with a DISPLAYTITLE}}
==External article on LP conversion==
*[http://www.delback.co.uk/lp-cdr.htm This article] used to be linked to from the [[Audio Restoration]] page.  I changed that link to go to the Manual's workflow tutorial - but I'm keeping this link as a book-mark.
==Spectral Selection and editing with Sync-lock==
*[[User:PeterSampson/Spectral Selection and editing with Sync-lock]]
==Because I always forget how to access this for editing==
**Now done via [[MediaWiki:CN Editors]]
==Draft Proposal shell==
just to save me recreating this each time: <br>
[[User:PeterSampson/Proposal: draft shell ...]]
Just to remind me how to do <font color="gray"> gray formatting </font>.
==useful image==
:<span title="This page is a Work in Progress">[[Image:WIP.png|center|frame|Work in Progress...|link=]]</span>

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