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Draft Proposal for UI improvement for Monotoring

User:PeterSampson/Proposal: Timer Record Improvements

See this "nudge" thread from the Forum:

Implementation not to be implemented pre v2.0 release

Draft Proposal for UI improvement for Monitoring

User:PeterSampson/Proposal: Improvement of Monitoring UI

Draft Proposal shell

just to save me recreating this each time:
User:PeterSampson/Proposal: draft shell ...

Improvement and Rationalization of Amplify, Normalize & DC offset removal

I now intend for the sake of simplicity,readability and clarity to break this into three separate proposals:

User:PeterSampson/Proposal: Improvement and rationalization of Normalize

User:PeterSampson/Proposal: Rationalization of DC-Offset removal

User:PeterSampson/Proposal: Consolidation of Amplify, Normalize

Peter 23May11: I have published all three of them, fixed the links and added them to the Audacity Development Projects page.

Gale: 22May11: I would suggest publishing the above three now. Obviously you will need to adjust the links on each Proposal.

Peter 19May11:The following earlier consolidated proposals are now superseded by the 3 individual proposals above.