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Bug watch/testing

Interesting proposals for XFR to GitHub

See also

  • ToDo: Unstick 'Stuck In a Mode' - bear traps, especially
  • Stuck trying to create custom shortcuts.
  • Time limited recording - this looks like a bug to me !
    • When a selection is present (track selection or Timeline selection), using Record New Track (or when using Timer Record) Audacity will only record for the duration of the selection

Release Process


for experimentation:

Unitary Project

General stuff


Just to remind me how to use "span title" to alter the hover text for a page link (useful when a DISPLAYTITLE is in play)

External article on LP conversion

  • This article used to be linked to from the Audio Restoration page. I changed that link to go to the Manual's workflow tutorial - but I'm keeping this link as a book-mark.

Spectral Selection and editing with Sync-lock

Because I always forget how to access this for editing

Draft Proposal shell

just to save me recreating this each time:
User:PeterSampson/Proposal: draft shell ...

Just to remind me how to do gray formatting .

useful image

Work in Progress...