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Table 1: 78rpm Playback Equalisation Curves

Label Series Bass Turnover
Frequency (Hz)
10 kHz Gain
Rolloff (dB)
LF Shelving
Frequency (Hz)
Acoustic Recording

(such as cylinders, etc..)

0 (or as required) 0 (or as required) 1
AES standard 400 -12 1
AFRS Transcriptions 500 0 or -5 1
Allegro 750 -16 1
Allied 500 -16 1
American Recording Society 500 -12 or –13.7 1

Command  % extra Needs trapping Assigned to Fixed Tested Resolved
4X Technologies format 4xm  ??? yes no no no
ADTS AAC adts aac yes yes 5 no no
Audio IFF aiff aiff yes yes yes yes
3GPP AMR NB mono (8000 Hz) amr amr yes yes no no
AMR WB mono (16000 Hz) awb awb yes yes no no
CRYO APC format apc  ??? yes no no no
Monkey's Audio ape ape yes no yes 4 no
ASF format asf wma yes 2 yes 3 yes 4 yes
SUN AU format au au yes yes no no