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Peter 28Mar14: This page was created with material copied from the Tutorials page. It was created to aid the planned clean-up of the SourceForge site and to make the Wiki more standalone to facilitate a potential Legacy Wiki snapshot that is currently under consideration.

  • Gale 03Apr14: How to import CDs (linked to from and How to burn CDs (linked to from are not totally legacy, although Tutorials listed them as such.

    So after the Wiki "split", those two pages about CD's will have to be made unlegacy. Perhaps the import information would be moved to/integrated with Audio CD and the burn information moved to Tips (or also integrated into Audio CD).

  • Peter 3Apr14: an excellent spot there Gale. But we don't need to wait till after the Wiki-split, I fixed this by moving them back up to "Tutorials" as that have both current and legacy info. It also helped me spot another SF link that I removed by creating a new legacy tutorial on the Wiki.
  • Gale 03Apr14: After the "split", I feel that How to import CDs should be moved to a Tutorial in the Manual, then link to that Tutorial from front page of the Manual. Audio CD's are not really an "Advanced" topic, and it seems odd that "Burning music files to a CD" actually is a Tutorial but not listed as such on the Manual front page. Then either put the non-legacy content of How to burn CDs back into, or put it into Audio CD.
  • Peter 4Apr14: Sounds like a good plan Gale. Do we want to start the transition to the Manual right now though and leave markers here in the Wiki on the CD pages for material that can be removed from "current Wiki" post Wiki-split?
  • Gale 04Apr14: I don't mind you making the Manual changes now if you wish. If you think restoring the non-legacy content of How to burn CDs to makes it too long, you could try restoring only the material about data CD's/DVD's and putting the overburn material into Audio CD. The overburn material definitely fits into that Wiki page and (deservedly) gives it less prominence than if it was in the Manual.