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== Purpose of this page ==
=This page is left intentionally blank.=
This page is a planning tool, it is designed as a mechanism to assist us in making the Wiki version-neutral:
* Some pages, notable Tutorials and tips are likely to be transferred to the Manual,
* Some pages are likely to be deprecated/deleted.
This page can be used as a discussion page where we can air the merits and placement of any page that has been identified to be part of this project.
== Special Case ==
== Pages for potential transfer to the Manual ==
== Pages for potential deprecation/deletion ==
== Pages that should probably stay in the Wiki ==
== As yet unclassified pages ==
*[[Audacity for blind users]]
*[[Compiling Audacity for Beginners]]
*[[Crash Recovery]]
*[[Improving Recording Quality]]
*[[Lame Installation]]
*[[Removing Artifacts]])
*[[Recording Tips]]
*[[Synchronizing Tracks]]
*[[Timed Recording]]
*[[Reducing noise]]
*[[OS/2 Issues]]
*[[Vocal Removal]]
*[[Mixer Toolbar Issues]]
*[[Creating a simple voice and music Podcast with Audacity]]
*[[Exporting your Audacity Project into iTunes and iPod]]
*[[Mixing stereo tracks to mono in your Project]]
*[[Sanitising Speech Recordings Taken with portable audio player-recorders]]
*[[Click Removal]]
*[[Noise Removal]]
*[[Splitting recordings into separate tracks]]
*[[Sending your work to others]]
*[[Transferring tapes and records to computer or CD]]
*[[How to import CDs]]
*[[How to burn CDs]]
*[[Changing the current language]]
*[[How to import files from iTunes]]
*[[Updating Sound Device Drivers]]
*[[USB turntables]]
*[[Managing Computer Resources and Drivers]]
*[[Making Ringtones]]
*[[File Management Tips]]
*[[Recommended sound devices]]
*[[Selecting Audio]]
*[[Developing On Mac]]
*[[Aligning Audio]]
*[[Other Programs]]
*[[Troubleshooting Recordings]]
*[[Sample Rates]]
*[[Bit Depth]]
*[[Speech Recording]]
*[[Cassette Deck Magnetization]]
*[[Recording levels]]
*[[Hardware influence on recording quality]]
*[[Other Specific Tasks]]
*[[Multi-Tool Mode]]
*[[Recording length]]
*[[Microphone Techniques for Voice]]
*[[Improving and Remastering Audio]]
*[[Improving and Remastering Audio: Advanced Steps and Tips]]
*[[Recording audio playing on the computer]]
*[[High Pass Filter]]
*[[Audacity Preferences]]
*[[Amplify and Normalize]]
*[[Windows 7 OS]]
*[[Recording Church Services]]
*[[Labels Tips]]
*[[Change Speed]]
*[[Audacity for Teachers - Installation and Basic Editing]]
*[[Low Pass Filter]]
*[[Recording Multi-track Overdubs]]
*[[Overdubbing with a Shure® X2U Microphone Amplifier-USB Adapter]]
*[[Overdubbing with a Behringer® UCA202 Stereo bidirectional USB Sound Card]]
*[[Overdubbing with a Samson® G-Track USB Microphone]]
*[[Overdubbing using your computer's on-board sound card]]
*[[How to publish a Podcast]]
*[[Click removal using the Spectrogram view]]
*[[DC offset]]

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This page is left intentionally blank.