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=This page is left intentionally blank=
=This page is left intentionally blank=
==GUI Custom Resets for Toolbars & Preferences==
Following on from [http://forum.audacityteam.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=94527&start=10 this recent Forum posting] I would like to suggest that we have two custom resets introduced into Audacity:
===1) Toolbars===
Currently in the '''View >Toolbars''' menu the only reset available is '''Reset Toolbars''' which only offers the ability to reset to default.
Now given that the user may have carefully customized their Toolbar layout and which Toolbars they choose to have displayed (as I do) it would be useful to add two further commands to the '''View > Toolbars''' menu for '''Save Toolbar Layout''' and '''Restore Toolbar Layout'''.
*a) These commands could be direct additional entries in the View >Toolbars menu, or
*b) We could add a command in b]View >Toolbars[/b] menu for Reset Toobars with the folling entries:
** Reset to default
** Save Toolbar Layout
** Restore Toolbar Layout
My prefence currently is for a)
This would also Save/Restore the user's preferred Time display format in the Selection Toolbar.
===2) Preferences===
I would also suggest that a simple way to save and restore a user's carefully set Preferences would be a good addition to the Audacity toolset.
We could either introduce commands for this or add buttons to each of the Preferences panes for Save Preferences and Restore Preferences.
If either, or both, of these ideas gains traction here I will write up a proposal for this.
And yes, I do realize that this is achievable by carefully storing and restoring mandraullically your audacity.cfg file (that's the way I do it all the time right now) but with thse suggestions I'm looking for a way for non-technical users to be able to do it from the GUI.
Of course both could be achieved in a single sweep with a Save Settings and Restore Settings which would work on both at once with a simple save and restore of the audacity.cfg file.
'''Steve:''' or we could go the whole hog and save/restore named layouts (like saving presets in effects).

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This page is left intentionally blank