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Richard first got involved with Audacity as an alternative to CoolEdit2000 which would run on the Linux machine he took to University. A compile error trying to install a pre-release of audacity 1.2.0 lead to the audacity support list and two years helping users there. A string of patches (that became audacity 1.2.4) resulted in CVS access and an increasing amount of audacity development, almost all for Linux, with a focus on audacity's external libraries and audio processing code.

After graduating in Electronics in summer 2007 Audacity has to be a spare time project round working in an Electricity Supply Industry consultancy as an analogue hardware and software developer.

I first found audacity as a tool for editing and post-producing recordings of concerts and events I'd made, and this remains my main focus, using audacity to get from rough field recordings to CD master files. Efficient ways to load and manipulate clips thus get priority over complex effects and analysis, although audio restoration tools come out quite frequently.

Away from the computer I spent a lot of my university career with York Student Television (who taught me a lot about Linux administration, so not really away from the computer), as well as playing for the Concert Band, doing PA for the Christian Union and playing for Mass on campus.