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I found Audacity when I started transferring my old vinyl LP:s to mp3/CD. After a while I also found this site, the Audacity Wiki.

I became involved with this site when I started helping out cleaning up after spam attacks. Not being that well knowledgeable about the SW itself, I now at least try to contribute by performing some minor "webmaster" chores, like e.g. cleaning up little editing mistakes and pruning redirect links.

My LP to mp3/CD workflow

If anyone is interested, this is my workflow (not necessarily optimized):

  • Record and save as WAV.
  • If necessary, fix any spikes.
  • Remove rumble, with one or two passes with the High Pass Filter..., with cut off frequency set to 25Hz or something similar.
  • Remove noise with the special Noise Removal... filter ("training" it on any silent part approximatley halfway through the LP side). I don't want be too aggressive, as I think leaving a little noise is better than limiting the range or even introducing filtering artifacts.
  • Normalize....
  • Trim the ends. I usually leave two seconds before and after music.
  • Set labels. I usually set the label two seconds before each track begins.
  • Export Multiple... as mp3. I set the conversion for 192 kbit/s, which I can not distinguish from WAV.
  • Now I either use these as is in my mp3 player, or use a CD burning program to make an audio CD of them.

(I actually use the resulting mp3 files @192 kbit/s as my "archive format". So, after verifying the quality of the conversion, I delete the WAV files, as they are too bulky to keep around.)

The drawback with the scheme is that it's not fast. It will take me 20 - 30 minutes per LP side.

Who am I?

Now middle-aged I once started my career as a computer scientist. Presently I work within the quality department of an industrial electronics manufacturer. Wife, house, no kids. The only thing I really care to brag a bit about you can see at my web site: Diving and Photography .