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Vaughan has been on the Audacity Team since 2002, contributing Change Pitch/Speed/Tempo effects, the timer record feature, GUI features, and improved error handling and history for effects. He also created custom versions of Audacity:

  • For UmixIt, added a Lyrics/Karaoke window (with DominicMazzoni), added a Mixer Board view, per-project branding (logo, graphics, web links), and security enhancements to prevent virus transmission via maliciously modified project files.
  • For Thinklabs, made a version of Audacity customized for phonocardiography analysis, for use with their electronic stethoscopes.
  • For Audiotouch, made a version of Audacity customized for simple editing with reduced menu dialogs.

Vaughan is a member of the Audacity Technical Leadership Council.

vaughan at audacityteam dot org