Playback equalization for 78 rpm shellacs and early 33⅓ LPs

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Gale 05Jun16: @Wolfgang, please go ahead and edit the 78rpm playback curves page directly from now on, and also add your latest edits directly to that page.

I find that having the table notes under Table 2 when looking at Table 3 quite confusing, for example the recently added [1] remark in Table 3. Are any remarks common to both tables 2 and 3? If not, you could have Remarks under each table, and have "Table sources" and "Recommended analogue reference" (which should be "analog" reference because Wiki is US English) as separate Wiki sections after Table 3. You could link to the "Table sources" section in the header of each table.

If only a few remarks are common to both tables, it might still be more friendly to have remarks under each table and accept a few duplicated remarks. And whether remarks apply to both Tables 2 and 3 or not, you could link the remark in the table to where it appears in the text. See my [CAP] example.

  • Wolfgang @ Gale: Remarks and Sources are this:


  • [Bc] [W.E.] [TCH] only in tab.2
  • [CAP] [MGM] in both tables
  • [1] only in tab.3


  • Hi , RB only in tab.3
  • ES ,GH, ia, JP, mil, mm, RF, PC used in both tables

... which solution do you prefer?

  • Gale 07Jun16: I suggest Sources should definitely be a new section at the bottom of the article, linked to from the Sources column in the table headers. Only two remarks are in both tables. So I think it is reasonable to have separate footnotes containing remarks for each table.
Wolfgang @ Gale: Your Wiki/Deutsch seems to be desparately in need of content. So I want to create a new page: Wiedergabe-Entzerrung von 78er Schelllacks und frühen 33 1/3 LPs. Do I have to make the changes in this user page or do I need a new blank one?
  • I created a new page at De/78rpm_playback_curves cloned directly from this page. Please work directly on that page and clear out the content on this page when you are ready to do that.

"A clean desk is the sign of a sick mind."
(... does this also apply to wiki pages?)