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Gale 06Nov12: @Bill: I'm still interested in integrating this page and User:BillWharrie/OSX and USB input devices into the main namespace (thanks for creating them). This page already crosses over with Audio Units#Slow launch or hang to some extent but I think we could link to this page on Mac Bugs.

I am not sure the title of this page is correct. We have better pages purely about "Resetting Preferences on Mac". Assuming almost all problems with VST/AU plug-ins on Mac are actually a hang or crash on launch (they don't occur later), can we title it "Audacity VST/AU launch problems on Mac"? Are there any other problems (aside from any known bugs) that can cause an Audacity launch issue on Mac?

  • Bill 14Nov12: @Gale: Retitling this page as you suggest and moving it to the main namespace is fine with me. As for User:BillWharrie/OSX and USB input devices if you think it is suitable for the main namespace go ahead and move it.
    I regularly link to these pages when responding on the forum so I'd want to know where they end up. Perhaps copying the content over to new pages would be best, then I can delete my namespace pages when I'm sure I'm done with them.