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(Latest musings: Reply: Concur; Wilco!)
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:<font color="blue">Right, I can probably give it a try tomorrow. /SUF</font>
:<font color="blue">Right, I can probably give it a try tomorrow. /SUF</font>
== [[Template:Hint]] ==
Hi Gale,
Now there is a working, preliminary version of a [[Template:Hint]]. You can see it used on [[Test:Suf]].

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Templates limitation, no recursion

Hi Gale,

I just realised another limitation of the templates mechanism: You can not invoke a template from the string you send to another template. Specifically, I tried to format an external link in an intro, like this:


That fails, as the interpreter is not recursive on this level, and thus is not able to nest template invocations like this. (That is also expressly stated on the Wiki template editing help page , section FAQ.)

The implication is that intros (and of course any use of a template) can only contain "plain text", or text formatted with other wiki or html functions. Pity. Suf 12:34, 16 November 2007 (PST)

Hi Suf

I came across this last night when trying to include an external link in the Vocal Removal inroduction but had not had time to figure whether 1= etc. would work. I'm sure <nowiki> won't work as it will stop the nested temploate running. But it looks from USB turntables that you cracked it with n=.

Use n= according to the string of the template where you invoke the nested template e.g.

{{intro|1=This {{external|[http://www.numark.com/ Numark]}} page is great.
|2=Several manufacturers {{external|[http://ion-audio.com/index.php Ion Audio]}},
{{external|[http://www.numark.com/ Numark]}}, use the current version of Audacity.}} 


This Numark  page is great.
Several manufacturers Ion Audio , Numark , use the current version of Audacity.


{{intro|1=This {{external|[http://www.numark.com/ Numark]}} page is great.|2=}}


This Numark  page is great.

that is, you need to supply "2=" after the second pipe even though it contains no text. Assuming this has general applicability to nesting templates inside each other I will write it up on the Templates page and on the Template:Intro page which has a second string.

Hi again Gale,
Pretty strange - never mind, if it works it is ok! Suf 21:51, 16 November 2007 (PST)

Missing page?

Hi Gale,

I may have missed it (I am known to occasionally miss things...), but I can not find a page on basic installation of Audacity. Suf 12:34, 16 November 2007 (PST)

The Wiki doesn't have this because generally installing Audacity (getting to the point where you are ready to launch Audacity for the first time) isn't much of a problem as long as your download manager has not corrupted the installer. Mac users have problems sometimes as they try to run Audacity from inside the .dmg image which will create problems, so I will add that to Mac Bugs. Though it would be nice, I'm not sure there is a burning need for (what amounts to) a guide to installing Audacity on Windows.

Hi again Gale,
I agree, there may be no burning need for it. I just thought that on the main page I would (if I were a prospective user looking for information) expect a link to a page "Where to get it" or something similar. Or perhaps just an additional sentence on the top of the main page like: "Audacity is very simple to install. Download from http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/ ." or similar. Suf 21:51, 16 November 2007 (PST)

Latest musings

Hi Gale,

1) "menu" vs "shortcut"

On the Splitting recordings into separate tracks page I pondered whether to use {{menu|...}} or {{shortcut|...}} for the Play and Pause buttons. I chose the former, as I see it more similar to clicking a dropdown menu. Thus, to me {{menu|...}} means click something, while {{shortcut|...}} means type on the keyboard. Also, there are true shortcuts: to start recording, you either click Record button icon or type R on the keyboard!

Now, mind you, I don't say this is the only view, or the "correct" view, it's just how I came to visualise it.

Hi Suf - indeed there is that way of looking at it, I just felt it confusing to imply there is a path for a button when there isn't. Fact is that strictly, neither {{Path or {{Shortcut is probably correct and probably an image should be used wherever possible (though if you state you can use P instead of the Pause button that is perfectly OK). An image may be best as after all the user may not be familiar with the buttons (and the page in question already assumes the user knows that he uses the Record button to begin with..). Even if you can't use an image, probably just boldening the name of the button in the text is least confusing?

Yes, using an image and then putting the function in bold (Pause), or perhaps bold italics (Pause) may be the reasonable solution. /SUF

2) Style for Hints

It appears you are experimenting with further styles for hints:

HINT: Is this a new style to be used?

Should we try to make a template for "hints" too? Now that we (possibly) solved the nesting problem it could be worth it.

Yes I had it written down to make a new


and a new

or some similar name:
Please make sure you do:
  1. this
  2. this and
  3. this

for something that is not a "warning" (you must not) but an advice or instruction set (e.g. the instructions on Feature Requests). A lot of instructions have the blue colour we have now settled on for intros. but we should not use the same colour for advice and instructions.

I'd like to use these background colours for the templates but am not necessarily certain about the text colours e.g. should the hint text be black or should the advice text be some other dark colour?

If you have time, please do draft out a new page for each template.



Right, I can probably give it a try tomorrow. /SUF


Hi Gale,

Now there is a working, preliminary version of a Template:Hint. You can see it used on Test:Suf.