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(Improvement cursor movement)
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I'm thinking about adding some material for translators, about the tools we use such as xgettext and poEdit.  I want to explain that we now have wiki-like html in the source code for translation, and that if the translator sees something like:
<nowiki>[[export|Exporting to MP3]]</nowiki>
In the .po file, they should translate the second part, but '''not''' the first part.
Should I keep it all in [[:Category:Internationalization]] or add a new category for translation/translators?
[[User:James|James]] 10:54, 23 October 2007 (PDT)
My suggestion would I think be to create a "Translation Help" or similar  page in [[:Category:Internationalization]] which does not contain a great deal of information itself but has descriptive links to pages such as help for those translating the Audacity program/website/docs, and a page dealing with what we want people to do about translating Wiki pages  themselves. I assume for now that if a particular Wiki page was translated it would be linked to on the Wiki information page for that particular language, and on the English version of the page that had been translated. We might want to add plans for improving the Wiki translation process to that page as I recall you had some ideas. <BR><BR>
Or you might want to make two different pages, one for Audacity translations and one for Wiki translations, but both in [[:Category:Internationalization]]. If those are the only two useful distinctions, that might be best. In either case we'd probably want to  link to the page about Wiki translation help on [[MultiLingual]] and in the Multilingual panel at the bottom of the Wiki home page. <BR><BR>
==Improved cursor movement==
I see that you moved my feature request for cursor jumping from [[Feature Requests]] to [[Completed Features]].  Is the new cursor jumping functionality only available during playback?  I tested it out in Audacity beta 1.3.3, and it's better than it was before, but the cursor jumping that I use in Sound Forge is available when the application is NOT in playback mode.
Are there any plans to implement this functionality?  Thanks.
[[User:Checkit|Checkit]] 09:59, 30 October 2007 (PDT)

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